Nails of the Day: A England Fated Prince

Today I’ve got another gorgeous polish from my most recent A England haul: one from the Burne-Jones Dream collection: Fated Prince. This is a granite-grey polish, but it leans slightly olive-green, and has a beautiful gold-orange flash. As with all A England holos, it’s so difficult to capture how beautiful this polish really is, but I’ll have a go…

Neutral enough to be smart, but exciting in its chameleon colours, this is very possibly my favourite from this collection (but I’ll change my mind depending on whichever one is on my nails). The formula is excellent as always, but this is the first A England holo that isn’t a one-coater! It is very pretty after one coat, but I don’t do sheer nail polish, so I prefer it with two coats! It’s perfectly opaque with two coats, and it’s self-levelling too so it’s very easy to apply. I never make as much mess with A England as I do with other polishes!Asha x

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