Review: Lush May Day Bath Bomb

An extra post for you today – aren’t you lucky! What’s the occasion? There’s a new limited edition bath bomb at Lush!

What, you hadn’t heard about it either? I was stunned, when I popped into Lush on the 1st, to find the new May Day bath bomb sitting pretty on the side. It’s only here until the end of May, and all the proceeds go towards anti-badger cull charities, which is an excellent thing in my book. The scent of this is likely to be a bit of a divisive one, so read on to find out what I thought…

Firstly, who could resist that little badger face? Badgers were always my favourite animals when I was younger, so I definitely think this is cute! I really like the embossing on the bath bomb, which is quite ingenious, and the splash of black is just enough to define the design without making a mess (who remembers how well black bath bombs worked at Halloween?).

That being said, the bath bomb overall is quite messily put together – the two halves don’t match up, and the seam is very uneven. I’ve been noticing a drop in quality of assembly in a few of the bath bombs recently. It does spoil the overall look. I wonder if, with the new Kitchen thing going on at Lush, the regular products are being rushed a bit?

Anyway, what you really want to know about a bath bomb is two things – smell, and performance in the water. Performance-wise, this is pretty average. It’s not a flash-in-the-pan one-fizz-and-it’s-gone bath bomb, like a few of the Christmas products were, but it doesn’t stick around as long as something like Phoenix Rising. The black isn’t noticeable in the bath at all – there’s an alarming waft of it when it first touches the water, but it soon disappears! Overall, this leaves your bath water slightly cloudy, but with no colour and no bubbles, it’s just scent. That being said, the water is soft and silky, and reminds me of Butterball, so this must have quite a high cocoa butter content.

The smell is… not for everyone. It’s basically straight-up fennel with a tiny bit of something sweet, but it is certainly pungent. It filled the room with scent within 20 minutes of my bringing it home! I actually don’t mind fennel, (one of my favourite perfumes is Lush’s B Scent) but I prefer it tempered with something else, as this is very overpowering. Once in the water, it mellows out slightly, but this is definitely an invigorating rather than relaxing scent. It’s quite masculine, which is good after the super-sweet Valentines and Easter ranges, but yeah. It’s just like bathing in fennel. I actually ended up mixing in a bit of Brightside bubble bar when the fennel got a bit too much, which created something very similar to B Scent!

Overall, while I love the little badger face and the cause behind this bath bomb, it’s not going to be a favourite of mine, and there are other bath bombs I’d rather buy. However, anyone who is sick of the sweet candy smells Lush has been doing recently should definitely check this out. It’s only £2.95, and it disappears at the end of May, so be quick!

Will you be trying this? Fennel yay or nay?

Asha x

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