Birthday Lush Haul!

So, I was a very lucky girl on my birthday, and was given lots of awesome Lush bits to keep me pampered through the exam period… I thought I’d show you what I got! (Quick disclaimer – I definitely don’t mean to brag, I’m just excited to have new Lush stuff!)

This is one of my favourite bubble bars, Rose Jam bubbleroon – a present from the lovely Judith, who’s just started blogging over at Arguably Fictional. Sweet and rosy and almost edible, this makes the perfect relaxing, comfortable bath, which is exactly what I’ll need if I get a bit stressed!

How fab is the paper on the Ray of Sunshine gift set? This is a little collection of fresh, citrussy, spring-like products, which I received from my boyfriend’s family – everything in here is bound to put a smile on your face with its cheery scent!

I love Bohemian soap, because it smells like lemon curd – thick and lemony and wonderful. It’s a great one to put by the sink, because then you get a little zing of citrus throughout the day! I’ve never tried The Olive Branch shower gel before, which is a very woody, almost masculine, citrus shower gel. It’s very thin for a Lush shower gel, but I always find the 50ml bottles to be really hard to get the product out of, so that’s really helpful! It’ll be great for warm days, as it is a very sunshine-y scent – think lazing under a Mediterranean sun…

Also in the Ray of Sunshine box is a mini Sugar Scrub, which is a wonderfully scrubby fennel and citrus scrub. It’s really harsh, so one to avoid if you have sensitive skin, but perfect for me! My only complaint is that it needs some packaging, because it doesn’t hold its shape once wet – if it were in a pot, you could just take however much you needed. This mini Each Peach and Two’s a Pair massage bar is so cute! I love the smiley face. Despite the name, this isn’t a peach scented bar, it smells exactly like lemon Strepsils, and it’s actually really nice if you’re feeling a bit ill.

I also unpacked the most amazing box full of exciting things from my lovely boyfriend! First up is Brightside bubble bar, which I reviewed pretty recently… Originally part of the Easter range, this has now been made permanent, hooray! It’s one of my absolute favourites – huge and orangey and perfect for summer.

I’ve never tried the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar before, but wow, it smells good enough to eat! This smells like strawberry and chocolate, and it’s really big – far bigger than usual massage bars. It was discontinued for a while, but has been brought back into the permanent range. I think I’m going to really enjoy it!

The You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt is something I repurchase over and over again. It makes great bath cocktails with most of my favourite Lush products, and just adds something silky and lovely to any bath, as well as a citrussy, tropical scent.

Look! Ice Blue! This is my favourite soap, but it’s been discontinued for years in the UK. My lovely boyfriend has been on a mission to track down the remaining stock from eBay, and always manages to find some for my birthday – but this year, it’s been returned to the permanent line, so now I don’t need to eke out my hoard! This is the perfect fresh minty soap, it smells amazing and is basically brilliant.

And, saving the best till last… Sakura Bath Bomb is back! This was the first thing I ever bought from Lush, and it was promptly discontinued, leaving me longing for its return. it has the same cherry blossom scent as Rub Rub Rub body scrub, and I love it… Good job I’ve now got three!

What do you fancy picking up from Lush this spring? Any of these resurrected goodies? Asha x

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