The Body Hair Issue…

I know, it’s not the most popular of topics, but today I want to talk about unwanted hair, and more specifically, how to remove it! I’ve always had very dark hair, thanks to my small amount of Mediterranean blood, and while I love being a brunette, I’m not too keen on the fact that against my pale legs and arms, it’s very obvious. I’ve always shaved my legs, since I first ever needed to, since I felt that it was really noticeable if I didn’t. I have the utmost respect for those that prefer to leave their body hair alone, but I’m just not one of them…


I love the feeling of freshly-shaved legs, and although I’m very clumsy and often cut myself, shaving has become just another part of my beauty routine. I’ve always bought fairly cheap disposable razors, because you should replace them often, so I was really excited to get the chance to try the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor*, which was in my #Oxmeet goody bag. This razor is super swish, and has replaceable blades, which is new for me.

The moisturising serum is really effective at keeping the razor moving evenly over your legs, so you’re less likely to nick yourself, and the five blades really do seem to make everything especially smooth. However, I did have a couple of problems using this which, while not disastrous, make the HydroSilk slightly less miraculous. Firstly, the head of the razor is very big and chunky, which makes it quite difficult to navigate awkward bits like knees and ankles – you just can’t get into any corners! The only times I’ve nicked myself with this have been trying to do my knees! And secondly, you cannot leave this razor in the shower – if it gets wet at all, then the moisturising serum will activate, which when you’re not using it means that it melts out everywhere and wastes a lot of product. Since the serum is what makes this so special, that seems like a real design flaw to me!

Still, I have really enjoyed using this, and I think depending on the level of funds I have, I’ll happily top this up with new blades, rather than going back to disposables. The inital razor costs £9.99, and then 3 blades is £8.49 – quite a bit pricier than my usual 4-for-£3, but I reckon it is worth it.


Yes, girls with dark hair get moustaches. It’s a sad fact of life. Also in my #Oxmeet goodies were these Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Wax Strips*, which I’d never tried before. In fact, I’d never tried any kind of wax before! Unfortunately, they left me very disappointed, and it’s back to tweezers for me.

So, you warm up the little wax strips, peel them apart, and then press them onto your skin firmly, then pull off… I followed all the instructions – not a hair moved. I gave it a few more goes, thinking it was my technique, but nope, nada. No effect at all, except making my upper lip sticky. So it’s a thumbs down on these from me, and I’ll pass them on to a friend who might like them better.

These, though, are the king of facial hair – whether eyebrows or any other pesky hair, it’s my mini Tweezerman tweezers that I’ll always come back to. Even though they’re tiny, they’re super sharp, and they’re great at getting every last hair. And they’re purple!

So, while unwanted hair might be a bit of an awkward topic, it is something most of us have to deal with at some point or another… Have you got any tips to share?

Asha x

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Disclaimer: I received the Hydro Silk razor and the Nair Wax strips in my #Oxmeet goody bag, but this hasn’t influenced my thoughts!


14 thoughts on “The Body Hair Issue…

  1. Hair removal… what a sticky topic! It may be one of the only downsides of summer. What a shame those wax strips didn’t work out, I’d heard good things about them!

  2. I also have quite dark hair so I feel ya! Especially on my legs meaning I have to shave them a lot! But I stick to shaving, not a fan of waxing in general, except on my eyebrows possibly 🙂 nice post x

  3. I have the same issue! Dark hair is really obvious… I hate shaving though. By the end of the day/next morning I can see the dark roots and it looks awful to me 😦 I tried waxing, but I don’t like how long you have to let the hair get before you can wax again! Currently I am loving Nair’s super sensitive hair removal creme… I’m actually planning a review of it soon!

    • Yeah, it’s the repetitiveness of doing it everyday to catch the roots that’s the worst! I’ll be interested to see your review, I’ve never had a good experience with hair removal creams!

  4. Nair isn’t a very good brand for Wax, have you tried Veet? Their waxing strips are super great at getting individual hairs, and also don’t have an odd smell about them! Although, I do prefer using electric shavers as it’s no pain and no chance of getting cut!

    • I think I’m happier just avoiding wax totally, seems like way too much effort when shaving is so simple… Electric shaving is more high-tech than I’ve ever gone, though! 😛

  5. Hi!
    It’s Sunny from Mia Bella Beautopia. :p For the mustache problem try Veet. I’ve been using those for years and they work quite well. You still have to use tweezers on a few hairs but it does a pretty good job and saves you time. :p

  6. Thank goodness you posted this, I’m really pale too, and I love the feeling after shaving my legs, but I am tempted to get an epilator again or laser, since I hit my 30’s, what’s up with the the one or two chin hairs? lol

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