Review: Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters – Pineapple Expressed and Lime and Coconut Parfait

I’ve just realised I never reviewed these little lovelies for you! I was given these as part of a Secret-Santa-type thing my theatre group did after our last play, and I never did find out who my mysterious benefactor was – if you’re reading this now, thank you very much! As much of a Lush fan as I am, I’m always keen to branch out, and these two bath blasters (aka bombs) from Bomb Cosmetics, Pineapple Expressed and Lime and Coconut Parfait, are perfect fruity scents for spring! 

As I found with Bomb Cosmetics soaps, the attention to detail is amazing on these bath blasters. I love the pretty little glitter stars and silver balls on the Pineapple Expressed, and that swirl on top makes it look edible! It also smells absolutely delicious, like bathing in a summery cocktail. The scent throw is huge, even while dry, and in the water it performs really well – although yellow water is really not my favourite thing, the gorgeous scent stuck around very well, and the little stars were really cute!

Now, I’m not normally a huge coconut fan, but the Lime and Coconut Parfait has a really citrussy scent that complements and jazzes up the coconut perfectly. This is really refreshing in the water – the scent is slightly less powerful than the Pineapple Expressed, but it still fills the room while you’re bathing. The pretty green water is very invigorating, and made me feel very get-up-and-go! I love the little bit of candied lime in the top, it’s a really nice touch. This fizzed really vigorously when I dropped it into the water, which was fun!

Are you a Lush loyalist, or can you find room in your bath for Bomb Cosmetics? I’m still so impressed with this brand, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to people who like a fun bath!

Asha x

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14 thoughts on “Review: Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters – Pineapple Expressed and Lime and Coconut Parfait

    • I would say they leave a scent for about 45 mins-an hour, but it’s not like a perfume, it can only be smelled if you’re really close! Lush bombs leave more of a scent on you, especially if you finish up with a matching body product…

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