Nails of the Day: Topshop Nail Polish in Hot Spot*

Would you believe I’ve never tried anything from Topshop’s beauty range before? I know, they seem to be universally beloved, but I don’t often shop in there, so I suppose I just don’t get tempted! Still, I was really pleased to get the chance to try out the Topshop Nail Polish in Hot Spot*, which was generously included in my #Oxmeet goody bag. Hot Spot is a really pretty mid-purple glitter which is the sort of thing that my pre-teen self would have adored…

Now, first things first: this is a very  glittery polish. It’s opaque in one coat (hurrah, no clear bases here), and contains a mix of small lilac glitter and bigger silver glitter. It’s rough to the touch, and almost matte, excluding the sparkles. The colour itself is quite hard to capture, because in some lights it’s quite a lilac-y toned purple, while in others it’s almost Cadbury-coloured! It’s extremely noticeable on your nails, which I haven’t decided if I like yet…

Topshop really have got a good formula here. A one-coater which dries almost instantly, and then stays on without chipping for several days? Impressive! I would mention one thing, that the clean-up is a nightmare. If, like me, you have no hand-eye co-ordination, then you’re bound to get a bit on your cuticles while you’re painting, and the glitter from Hot Spot is extremely hard to remove with a spot-clean. You can see in the photos above that it’s not quite neat (understatement of the year), but that’s after I’d already had two goes at tidying it up! It does come off your skin the next time you shower, though, like most polish. Full removal is no worse than any other glitter polish – ie, it’s a nightmare, but it’s to be expected.

So, I’m impressed with the formula, and objectively it’s a very pretty colour, but I’m not sure that Hot Spot’s not just a bit too school disco for me. I think I might give it a few more tries for nights out before I make my mind up – after all, you’ve got to keep your inner kid happy, haven’t you?

I can’t find this particular polish on the Topshop site, but their range seems to swap over very quickly. Their polishes retail for £5-6, which is definitely worth it for a formula this good. I’m definitely going to check out more of the range – any recommendations?

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Disclaimer: I received this nail polish in my #Oxmeet goody bag, but this hasn’t influenced my review!

9 thoughts on “Nails of the Day: Topshop Nail Polish in Hot Spot*

  1. So pretty! I’m always on the lookout for nail polishes that aren’t chippy and dry fast: what a winning combination, seriously. I’m on it, I love matte finishes too!

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