Review: The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel

One of the things I love about The Body Shop is their loyalty card, Love Your Body, which among other benefits, means you get a present worth up to £5 in your birthday month! I popped in for a browse and fell in love with the scent of the new Early Harvest Raspberry range, so there was no competition for what I wanted for my gift… The Early Harvest Raspberry shower gel!

There’s only so much you can say about the performance of a shower gel, unless it’s particularly odd – this is fairly standard, nice and thick, makes a good amount of bubbles, leaves you clean. It’s a stunning dark pink colour, and the Body Shop packaging is simple and chic as always. But what’s amazing about this shower gel is the smell.

Allow me to wax lyrical for a little while… You know when it’s high summer, baking hot, and you open a box of perfectly ripe, juicy pink raspberries, and the smell just hits you – the epitome of summer? This is that smell. It is totally natural – nothing artificial about it – and every time you open the bottle, that same glorious moment of ‘oh, summer’ hits you. It’s like happiness in a bottle.

At £4 for 250ml, this isn’t the cheapest shower gel on the market, but it’s not bad (Lush prices are usually at least double that). Anyway, it’s worth it for that fantastic smell – I wish I could just smell like it all day. If you’re near a Body Shop, check this out as soon as possible!

Asha x


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20 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel

  1. Mmmm, it sounds delicious and I love your photos! You have me longing for a big punnet of raspberries 🙂 I should buy from the body shop mre often – I have their grapefruit scrub and it smells amazing! xx

  2. Asha, you should get the other products from the same range. 😛 You’ll smell like raspberries all day long and the body scrub looks and smells good enough to eat! I wouldn’t recommend it though, lol.

      • The body butter doesn’t smell that intensely. Or at least that’s my opinion, the scent goes away quickly. But yes, the body scrub does look like jam. It smells great!

          • I have other body butters and they last longer, I find this one lasts for like 1h if that much and then it’s gone. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I get used to the scent and stop feeling it. I didn’t use the scrub yet, been far too busy as one could see by my lack of posts. XD

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