How I Blog

I’ve always loved looking behind the scenes – DVD features, getting glimpses of the filming of Lewis and Endeavour in Oxford, bloopers, books about shows, all of it! I love to see the creative process, and really get my head around how things are made. So, on the off-chance some of you are like me, I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of my blog, and show you how I keep organised!

I recently acquired (stole from my brother) this handy little folder, which I use to keep my blogging plans together.If you’ve been chatting to me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m attempting to pre-schedule posts all the way through my exams so you don’t miss me, so it’s really important to keep organised! On the right hand-side, there’s a clipboard, with a big pocket behind it, and on the left, there’s a panel to tuck things behind.

To make the boring folder a little more interesting, I’ve lined it with this cute owl wrapping paper, left over from my birthday…

I found some little printable calendars which I use to plan posts, as you can see… You can find them here! I think they’re lovely.

I keep all my notes in pencil, so it’s easier to switch things up when I need to reschedule a post. I tick everything off when it’s written and scheduled on WordPress, and try to keep a balance between categories, as you can see on the right!

Tea is obviously the most important part of the whole blogging process, while planning, while writing, and often while taking pictures! My Maleficent mug is something I bought in Disneyland in November (with a matching Evil Queen mug), and it’s big enough for masses of tea, while still being a nice elegant design, not too chunky. I love things with Disney villains on, and the watercolour style of the illustration is really lovely! I’m drinking my favourite, Twinings Rose Garden black tea.

And that’s how I blog! I love my blogging folder, and feel like my posts have improved so much since I’ve gotten organised.

How do you do it? I’d be so interested to see what other people do!

Asha x

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28 thoughts on “How I Blog

  1. Loved this post! It’s always interesting to get tips from other bloggers. I actually have a similar folder to yours which I found in Paperchase. May do a similar post soon 🙂

    • I know, such cute little faces! 🙂
      I love waking up every morning to see what people thought of the new post, so posting regularly is a big thing for me – it’s too easy to forget if I go a few days without it 😛

  2. So nice! I don’t have a proper desk, well I do but it’s in the extra bedroom of our house, which feels so far away from the kitchen and living room, it makes me feel so lonely to go in there I don’t use it that much haha! I have a binder I bring around with me that has all my notes and what not in it. That way I can blog from the couch or the dining room table.

    • Aww! My desk is just in a corner of my bedroom, but I do really like having a ‘work’ area and a ‘bedroom area’… Portable blogging is really useful, though, I do that when I’m at home! 🙂

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