Japonesque Safari Chic Kabuki/Bronzer Brush

Well isn’t this just the prettiest brush you’ve ever seen? I’ve been lusting after the Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer Brush for ages, and my mum bought it for me as a birthday treat! This is a teeny little kabuki brush that is so dense, so soft, and so adorable – I bet you’re in love with it already, ’cause I am!

I really love photographing fluffy brushes, they always seem to turn into a soft-focus cloud!

I’m not normally one to go for leopard print in my accessories, but for some reason I think it really suits this brush – I guess because it’s on the bristles, which is unusual, rather than just being a standard print on the handle or something? Anyway, I think it is SO pretty, and it makes me smile every morning.

In terms of performance, this is at least as soft as my Real Techniques powder brush, if not softer. It’s extremely dense and fluffy, which means it picks up a lot of product very easily, but it blends blush really nicely, and it’s hard to go overboard with it! It leaves a smooth, flawless finish, and will be my go to blush brush, meaning I don’t need to wash my Real Techniques brush so often (I normally use one side for translucent powder and one for powder blush, which has proven a tad messy…). This little guy is so handy for tucking in a travel make up bag too! It really makes me want to look into other brushes from Japonesque!

Small and soft, mini and mighty, cute and chic… I think I have a new favourite brush!

Asha x

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