Review: I Love… Body Butters in Mango and Papaya, and Raspberry and Blackberry

I recently found myself in Oxford without any moisturiser at all, can you believe it? I was forced to try some new body butters (what hardship), and ended up buying two! The I Love range is something that’s caught my eye in Superdrug on several occasions, but I’d never tried anything apart from their lip balm. I ended up buying I Love… Mango and Papaya and I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry body butters, and here’s how they hold up in my book.

Body butter for me has to hold up on two points: texture and scent. The first thing to say about these body butters is that they smell great! Some cheaper fruit scents can be very sickly and fake smelling, but I Love… seems to have their scents down perfectly – the Mango and Papaya is fresh and citrussy and summery, while the Raspberry and Blackberry smells just like berry ice cream. They are really, really lovely. I didn’t realise until doing this post how good they actually smell together, like a fabulous fruit salad. Obviously it’s not really practical to use them both at the same time, but if you want to smell good enough to eat..!

In terms of texture, these are average for the cheaper end of the spectrum. Weirdly, the Mango and Papaya butter is quite a bit thicker than the Raspberry and Blackberry one when you initially use it, the former being quite stiff and the latter approaching ‘body cream’ territories. Nonetheless, once you start rubbing them in, both flavours perform equally well, being easy to rub in, and disappearing quickly without any leftover grease. They do a pretty good job of keeping my dry skin moisturised, and the effect lasts pretty much all day for me.

Overall, then, for only £2.99 each, the I Love… body butters are really nice budget moisturisers – I’d say they were on a par with the NSpa butters, which I’ve reviewed before. They can’t compete with the Body Shop butters in terms of texture, but for an effective, nicely scented, cheap option, I can wholeheartedly recommend I Love…!Asha x


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9 thoughts on “Review: I Love… Body Butters in Mango and Papaya, and Raspberry and Blackberry

  1. This range is the bomb, so underrated! I’m a big fan of the coconut (which isn’t overpowering as most coconut scents are). This makes me want to have a bath and moisturise like my life depended on it!

    Let Us Be Lovely

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