I’ve Got A Theory…

That some of you might be Buffy fans?

Well, a girl needs something to distract her from Finals, right? I happen to be rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my boyfriend (currently near the end of Season 6), and as I’ve mentioned recently, I love behind-the-scenesy stuff. And then it was my birthday, and presents and Amazon vouchers happened, and suddenly I own a ton of Buffy-related literature. It’s been a while since I did a book post, so what better topic to start back off with?

Thanks to a bit of savvy Marketplace trawling, I managed to pick up all three of the Watcher’s Guides for silly money. These have episode guides and analysis, trivia, quotes, pictures and lots more!

I also grabbed these books of the shooting scripts for Season One for pennies – one of the good things about getting into Buffy so far after the fact is that all the books are so cheap secondhand! I love script books – I also have the Dr Horrible book (with music!) and the first series of (the new) Doctor Who. I think it’s great to see the original vision for the show, stage directions, asides from the writers, scenes that didn’t make it to the screen…

This set of three bind-ups was only £5, and since each bind-up has three books in it, that’s nine Buffy novels for less than the price of, well, anything really! I’ve gotten stuck into the first one already, and they are pretty terrible, but in a wonderful, hokey horror way – much like some of the awful-but-I-love-them early episodes of the show.

I was feeling the lack of Spike in the bind-ups, which are set during the earlier series, so I also picked up this Spike & Dru novel, which if anything, is even worse than the above! It’s set during World War Two, and is basically just everyone’s favourite bad guys romping all over the world…

The pièce de résistance, though, has to be this beautiful book: The Making of a Slayer. This was a birthday present from my lovely boy, and is ever so exciting! The case it comes in is beautifully embossed – this is one fabulously put-together book, and looks amazing on the bookshelf!

Inside the slipcase, there’s a pouch of “Slayer Lore”, which is a collection of documents from the show – Willow’s spell from Becoming, the drawing of the Gentleman from Hush, and lots more. This is such a nice geeky touch, and really makes this feel special!

The book itself is glossy and filled with fascinating tidbits – it’s similar to the Watcher’s Guides, but has the benefit of high-production values and hindsight, giving a view of the show as a whole. It’s packed with interviews with the cast and crew, huge full colour pictures (stills from the show and behind-the-scenes), and sections on costuming and sets and other interesting things. It’s a great insight into the thought behind Buffy, and makes great reading!

So. I may be a little bit obsessed… Tell me I’m not alone!

Asha x

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19 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Theory…

  1. Oh you are not alone I own all 7 series of Buffy and have the ‘novels’ but no watchers guides or the making of a slayer. I just love how cheesy and wacky it is. Xander is my favourite! Glad to know someone else has an appreciation for it!

    • I was a bit young for it when it was first on, so I caught a lot on reruns later, and although I’d seen most episodes before, this is my first time sitting down and watching it start to finish! So addictive!

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