My Milestone Jewellery

Before I get properly going with this post, I’d just like to start with a disclaimer. I’m not trying to show off or brag in this post – I’ve been rifling through my jewellery box recently for other posts, and thought it might be nice to show you some of the more meaningful jewellery I’ve been given over the years. Everything in this post has been an extremely generous gift for a very special occasion, and I hope you enjoy looking at these little pieces of my life, rather than thinking I’m a terrible show-off!

Right, shall we get on?

Starting at the beginning with my first grown up piece of jewellery: this gorgeous necklace was a present from my parents on my 18th birthday. It’s an extremely simple piece of jewellery, just a teeny diamond, plainly set, and I just think it’s the most elegant thing in the world! My taste in jewellery tends towards the simpler side, and this couldn’t suit me more.

These little beauties were a matching 18th birthday gift from my brother. I had the worst time photographing these! Believe me, they are so dainty and pretty – tiny silver spirals with diamonds set at the top. I know there’s no sense of scale in either of these photos, but these are studs, rather than long earrings, making them perfect for grown-up daytime wear.

Next up are the beautiful earrings that my boyfriend gave me for our first anniversary – he found them in a local antique shop, and boy, did he do well! I adore sapphires, and these dainty Art Deco earrings have one of my favourite gem cuts, too. I love this style of jewellery, and I couldn’t love these more.

For my 21st birthday, I was lucky to unwrap the thing most girls covet – that little Tiffany blue box! I love this silver key necklace my parents chose, it is such a stunning take on the 21st birthday key thing. How cute is the little T? (It did take me about half a day to realise that it was a T at all!)

And the final piece in my collection is my promise ring, which you’ve seen on the blog before. My lovely boyfriend gave this to me when we were at Disneyland for our second anniversary, and I wear it every day! He kept to the Art Deco-y theme, and I love the alternating sapphires and diamonds. This sparkles like crazy, and quite often distracts me from what I’m doing – it’s so gorgeous, and has such lovely meaning, I can’t take my eyes off it.

I really think I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have such wonderful people in my life, with such good taste in jewellery! So there you have the grown-up side of my jewellery box, and a little bit of the story behind each piece… Of course there are other pieces I value enormously for sentimental reasons (and because they’re pretty!), but I’ll save those for another post!

Asha x

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