Review: Caudalie Miel de Vigne Hand Cream* and Nourishing Body Lotion*

Just a quick little review for you today, of some lovely Caudalie bits that I was lucky enough to receive in my #Oxmeet goody bag. I know, I keep going on about #Oxmeet, but it was such an amazing day, and I’ve never seen such generosity from brands! I was particularly excited to get to try the Caudalie Miel de Vigne Hand and Nail Cream*, and the Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion*, because I’d heard so much about the brand on other people’s blogs. Suffice to say, I now understand what all the hype is about!

First up, the Miel de Vigne hand and nail creamNow, you know I have fairly high expectations of a hand cream – thick, non-greasy, and gorgeous scent. Caudalie nearly ticks all of these boxes, but I did find that the cream was a little thinner than I prefer, more like a body lotion. However, it sinks in really well, and keeps you feeling moisturised for ages, so I think I can overlook that! This isn’t sticky in the slightest. Oh, and, it has the most fabulous smell! It’s a sweet floral – I don’t get honey so much as honeysuckle – and it smells so summery and fresh. I love it! It’s a very good price for a high-end hand cream, at £6/30ml.

Moving on to the Nourishing Body Cream, things might get even more gushy. This. Smells. Perfect. I have no idea what the actual components of the scent are, but it has something amazing in it that makes me think of sunshine and walking in fields and wildflowers and weirdly, childhood (during which I did very little walking in fields, so I don’t know what that’s about). I love this fragrance so much I would be happy if I could just smell like it all the time – goodbye rose, goodbye honey, goodbye other perfumes. This scent is perfect. (Noble Isle Summer Rising shower gel has almost the same scent.)

In terms of formula, the Nourishing Body Cream is good but nothing special. It’s quite a thick lotion, which sinks in well, and keeps your skin soft, but it’s fairly standard for a good quality body cream. Buy it for the smell – if you can face the price tag (£26/400ml)!

I’ll definitely be trying more Caudalie in the future, and if I can ever bring myself to spend that much on a body lotion, I’d repurchase this straight away! What do you recommend from the brand?

Asha x

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14 thoughts on “Review: Caudalie Miel de Vigne Hand Cream* and Nourishing Body Lotion*

  1. I didn’t know there was a bloggers meet at Oxford! Its only an hour bus journey for me and I often go there shopping 🙂 Claudalie sounds like a really quality brand, must try it soon x

  2. Hi Asha! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I actually have one Caudalie product I am going to test next week – their micellare water cleanser. We don’t have any American made (yet), and I’ve been dying to try one out. Wish I could try Bio-Therma! The body lotion sounds divine!

    • I hope you like it! I haven’t gotten on with the micellar water I’ve tried, but I’ve heard good things about the higher end stuff… The body lotion *is* divine. I wish I could afford more!

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