Nails: A England Lady of the Lake

Here we have another of my favourite A England nail polishes, Lady of the Lake. This is my second bottle of this polish, because I actually finished the first one – that hasn’t happened in a long time. Lady of the Lake was one of the very first polishes I ever bought from A England, and it’s a gorgeous creamy royal purple with shimmer in low light, and a crazy amount of holo in direct light! There’s something very special about this one… Read on for more photos!

(Please excuse the condition of my nails, a couple broke and now they’re all short and non-matching shapes. Plus my cuticles have seen better days. Sorry.)

I love the different shades of purple that can be found in Lady of the Lake, from a deep dusty dark purple to shiny Cadbury royal purple. There’s no topcoat in these pictures, it just really is that shiny on its own, and you can get away with one coat, although I prefer two. A England’s drying time is superb, and by the time you’ve painted your second hand, your first will be dry and ready for the next coat, so they’re great if you’re impatient like me!

The holo in Lady of the Lake is less pronounced than some A England polishes (Dancing with Nureyev, I’m looking at you), but the excitement of seeing my nails sparkle in the sun is still a thrill to me. This would be the perfect polish for an evening out – sophisticated and grown up, with the occasional flash of something really special. Has the Lady of the Lake won your heart?

Asha x

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