Outfit of the Day: Super Casual

I’m afraid I’ve got none of my usual style at the moment, because I’m pretty deep into my exams – four more to go, and I’ll be done in 9 days! Here’s a really quick glance at a comfy, casual revision outfit. For bonus multi-tasking points, these photos were taken on the way to get dinner, so I didn’t do my usual ‘take a hundred pictures and pick three’, I just went with what we had. This is the most relaxed you’ll probably see me in front of the camera!

So, jeans and a t-shirt is not exactly inspiring, but I have to say, I’m still so excited about finding jeans that actually fit me well! These are Gap’s Always Skinny, which luckily for me comes in a long leg – my one bug bear is that even after being washed so many times, they still leave a blue tint on anything I sit on or brush up against. So annoying!

I love the creamy colour of this Breton top, and although it doesn’t come across in the photos, it’s actually speckled with lots of different colours, which makes it a bit more unusual than straight forward blue and white stripes. I feel like striped top, blue jeans and red shoes is such a cliche, but hey, it’s easy (and a little more stylish than revision pyjamas!).

Jeans: Gap. Top: H&M. Shoes: Tesco. Satchel: Accessorize.

As you can see, I’ve not made much of an effort with hair and make up, it’s literally just my everyday basics: concealer, mascara, and Urban Decay Suspect and Smog across my lids. I love the Korres lip butters (I’m wearing Wild Rose), because they do double duty as lip balm and lip colour!

What do you think? Too boring, or just right for revision?

Asha x

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9 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Super Casual

  1. Love it! It looks like such a pretty summer evening in Oxford – which makes me long for the cobbled streets of Durham more than expected! No excuses need to be made for Breton stripes and jeans – casual perfection! I love your bag as well, it’s so pretty x

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