Zoya Summer Collection: Bar, Ling and Harper*

(Photo from zoya.com)

Have you seen Zoya’s new summer ranges? They’re ever so pretty, and there’s a lot of variety! The Tickled range is highly pigmented cremes, while Bubbly is a set of sheer glittery jelly polishes. Plus there’s three new additions to Zoya’s Pixie Dust range, which is a very glittery textured polish.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to try one of each range, and plumped for Bar, a champagne chunky glitter, Linga creamy mid-blue, and Harper, a jelly pink. Read on for swatches of each! I think Lingis my favourite of these three polishes. It is the perfect summer blue, falling somewhere between royal blue and the kind of blue that you used to get in poster paint at school. This is the kind of blue I wanted Essie’s Mesmerised to be – creamy, slightly dusty, richly coloured and very wearable. Sometimes bright blues can be a little childish on me, but this is a nice sophisticated colour. In terms of the formula, this is pretty good. Photos above are two coats, no top coat, and it is fully opaque. Self-levelling is pretty good, and dry time, while not instantaneous, is nice and quick, which pleases my impatient side! I really think Zoya polishes are great for lasting a long time – I got three days out of this before it began to chip, which is great for my bendy nails! Next up we have Harper* from the Tickled collection. I had high hopes for this polish, because it looked quite corally in the press release, but I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in it. It’s very, very bubblegum pink, and with the glitter added in there I just think this is too Barbie-ish for me. That being said, the formula is absolutely gorgeous – this is my first jelly polish, and I’m in love with the slightly sheer, almost squishy look of it. If you’re a fan of pink nails, you’ll love this – and if you’re not, definitely get your hands on the other Tickled polishes, because I love this. Obviously sheer with one or two coats, the formula is buildable and at three coats, you won’t be able to see the whites of your nails. I found application a little messy, but not too bad, and the wear time is good, two to three days. I didn’t want to give up on Harper altogether, so I tried it over a couple of other colours, and found that I really liked the results – with the sheerness of the polish, it makes a great top coat for changing up plain polish. Here it is over (top to bottom) a dark pink (Barry M Raspberry), a pale beige (Nails Inc Elizabeth Street), a dark grey (Zoya Kelly) and and a grey-purple (Jessica Intrigue). I love the way it affects each polish, and it creates a much more wearable way for me to wear Harper. Finally we have Bar*, from the Pixie Dust collection. I hadn’t tried any of this range before, but I had previously tried textured polishes from other brands, so I was expecting good things. Bar is a pretty champagne/gold glitter, but it is amazing for being nearly opaque – one of my pet hates is a small amount of glitter in a clear base. Why bother? But Bar really delivers on the glitter front. In some of these pictures, you can see the whites of my nails if you look closely, but in real life, I couldn’t see them at all. This is so pretty – it is very glittery, yes, but it’s also a perfect neutral colour for my skintone, meaning it ends up looking quite simple and sophisticated rather than being an all-out glitter ball. The middle picture is the most accurate one in terms of the overall look under natural light. My nails looked embellished, not dipped in glitter, and it’s a very interesting look. The formula on this is amazing – dry time is almost instant, and it builds up really nicely without becoming thick and clumpy. As with all glitter, there’s a tendency to move around on the nail in the first few hours if you knock them, but Bar’s not as bad as some glitters I’ve known. It stays put, too! I went four days without needing (or wanting!) to take it off. If you don’t fancy the whole nail look, Bar is also pretty as a top coat, if you apply it thinly – here it is over Ling: Overall, then, a huge thumbs up from me on Zoya’s summer offerings. I love the formulas of all three of these polishes, and think that the colour range is fab. Although Harper’s not really my colour, Bar and Ling are new favourites in my polish stash! I definitely think that this is a summer collection worth checking out – head to Zoya’s website, or if you’re in the UK like me, you can order them from Nail Care Club for £10.50 each. Asha x

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Disclaimer: I received these polishes for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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