Review: Barry M TMLP Lipstick

One more week of exams, and then I’m free forever! So here is my favourite lipstick – Barry M TMLP. 

Oh yeah.

It’s green!

Oh, wait… No it’s not! This is a magical lipstick! The TMLP is a colour-changing lipstick that supposedly reacts to your skin pH to create a unique colour. When you put it on, it’s clear, and over about 20 seconds, it darkens to ‘your perfect pink’. I’ve seen it go everything from a dusty rose on one of my friends to this fantastic bright pink on me! It’s worth swatching this one before you buy it, to see how it reacts to you. To me, it’s perfect:

I love everything about this lipstick. I think it’s an extremely wearable fuchsia (on me), which is one of my favourite colours, and it’s blue-based, so it doesn’t make my teeth look too yellow. Application is slightly dry, but it doesn’t drag, it’s just not slippy. After about 20 minutes, it’s matte and feels like your regular bare lips.

Best of all is the wear time – this colour sticks around for a very long time. You might need to top it up after eating to avoid the dreaded ring, but if you’re just going about your business, you can expect this to last at least six hours (yes, occasionally I can go a whole six hours without eating!). This is probably my absolute favourite lipstick, because it is just so easy to apply and wear. Plus I love surprising people when I pull out that green bullet to top it up!

In slightly unrelated things, I think this is the first close up of me in glasses ever to appear on the blog! What do you think?

Asha x

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31 thoughts on “Review: Barry M TMLP Lipstick

  1. I’ve tried something similar with a different brand that didn’t work to well for me.
    Looks great on you though!

  2. I’ve had this lipstick for about 2 Years now and its one i always re-buy love the colour it goes on my lips! Definite must have for all women! what could you want more than a lipstick that suits its colour to you?

  3. I sent this to the Beauty Deputy in our transatlantic box swap. She was a bit unsure when she unwrapped it and found a green bullet haha. It seems to suit everybody, you look lovely! The glasses look fab btw, I like how the colour goes with your hair. Best of luck with those exams!

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