Nails: A England Galahad

Today I thought I’d show you one of my absolute favourite polishes, which deserves the status of Holy Grail – and if you’re a nerd like me, the name Galahad alone gets it Holy Grail status! This pretty turquoise polish from A England, my favourite nail brand, is perfect on long nails, short nails, on its own, in nail art, and at all times of year, but it makes the ideal summer polish.

Apologies if some of the pictures are slightly out of focus, I wanted to capture the colour more than get perfect photos!

The beauty of Galahad is in the colour – although this is bright, it manages to be subtle and elegant, rather than neon. As with all A England polishes, different tones appear in different light. Galahad swings from dusty turquoise to muted aqua, sometimes leaning green, sometimes leaning blue. It is so clear and gorgeous – it feels like pure colour. It’s simple, but amazing.

The formula is perfect – this is a one-coat creme, with perfect self-levelling, and it dries in a matter of seconds. It’s the polish I default to when I only have a short time to paint my nails, because, well, look at that gloss. It looks like you’ve taken ages with it. I haven’t applied a topcoat over this, it really is that shiny!

What do you think of Galahad? I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving this polish!

Asha x

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