A Week Off…

As much as I love you guys, I need to take a week off to focus on the last leg of my finals – I have three exams in the next four days, and I’ve run out of pre-scheduled posts! Blogging is such an escape for me, but at the moment I have to stay put studying and not escape at all…

I will be back next weekend with so many gorgeous things to show you, so don’t worry! Thanks for sticking with me, and I’ll see you on the other side!

Asha x

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How I Blog

I’ve always loved looking behind the scenes – DVD features, getting glimpses of the filming of Lewis and Endeavour in Oxford, bloopers, books about shows, all of it! I love to see the creative process, and really get my head around how things are made. So, on the off-chance some of you are like me, I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of my blog, and show you how I keep organised!

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Birthday Bloopers!

Before I started blogging, I had no idea the work that goes into photographing an outfit! To achieve the perfection you see in my OOTD (yeah right), it requires at least half an hour of a very patient boyfriend taking upwards of a hundred photos of a blogger getting increasingly frustrated with her inability to smile on camera… Eventual result: five to ten fabulous photos!

Wanna see when it doesn’t go so well? Of course you do!

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Another Liebster Award!

So, I was recently very kindly nominated for another Liebster Award by two lovely bloggers, Ellie from theellieraeraeblog and Katie from A Circle of Beauty. Both these girls are relatively new on the blogging scene, so you should definitely go check them out!

I’m going to skip doing the facts, because as you know, I hate doing them, and also, I don’t want you to get too bored!

Just one quick note – I appreciate every award that is given to me so, so much, but I feel like I’m getting a bit too old for the Liebster award, which is intended to highlight new blogs with fewer followers. I love that you’re thinking of me, but I’d rather you saved the nomination to support someone newer if you can find them! 🙂

Still, on to the questions!

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#OxMeet: An Oxford Beauty Blogger Meet-up! (and Haul!)

It’s taken me rather a while to get this post up, but last Sunday I was lucky enough to attend #OxMeet, a meet-up for Oxford-based bloggers. Organised by the amazing Adrienne of Late Night Nonsense, this was such a great opportunity to meet other lovely bloggers in the area, and we all had a fantastic day! I was a little lax on the photo-taking, but I’ll link you to all the other girls so you can see what went on!

(I’ve borrowed this picture from Kelly’s post, which has fab photos!)

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An Award and An Announcement!

I’ve been nominated for another Liebster Award! Thanks very much, The London Turtle! I’ve just discovered this fab blog and you should definitely check it out too 🙂

The rules, as usual:

1. Answering the 11 questions

2. Listing 11 facts about myself

3. Nominating 11 smaller blogs for the award, and setting them 11 questions.

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A Multitude of Award Nominations!

I think there must be something in the blogging water recently, because a bunch of beautiful bloggers have ever so sweetly nominated me for awards. Thank you to Sunny and Roseybelle for nominating me for the Liebster Award, and Kiara for the Sunshine Award nomination! ❤

Luckily for me, they are both quite similar awards, so I have three sets of 11 questions to answer (since that’s quite a lot, I won’t be doing extra facts for the Sunshine Award!). Then I will nominate a few different people, and just post up one set of questions for both! So, without further ado…

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