The End of the World As We Know It

I’m back! Sorry, that ‘week off’ turned into slightly longer as I whizzed through the last three exams, spent a week gallivanting about Oxford and sleeping a lot, and then came back to the village to hibernate – my body needed a little while to sort itself out after a term of stress and sleep-deprivation… I’m back now, though, so you can expect lots of fun things to come! To kick us back off, here are some pictures of my triumphant emergence from my final exam!

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My Milestone Jewellery

Before I get properly going with this post, I’d just like to start with a disclaimer. I’m not trying to show off or brag in this post – I’ve been rifling through my jewellery box recently for other posts, and thought it might be nice to show you some of the more meaningful jewellery I’ve been given over the years. Everything in this post has been an extremely generous gift for a very special occasion, and I hope you enjoy looking at these little pieces of my life, rather than thinking I’m a terrible show-off!

Right, shall we get on?

Starting at the beginning with my first grown up piece of jewellery: this gorgeous necklace was a present from my parents on my 18th birthday. It’s an extremely simple piece of jewellery, just a teeny diamond, plainly set, and I just think it’s the most elegant thing in the world! My taste in jewellery tends towards the simpler side, and this couldn’t suit me more. Continue reading

How I Blog

I’ve always loved looking behind the scenes – DVD features, getting glimpses of the filming of Lewis and Endeavour in Oxford, bloopers, books about shows, all of it! I love to see the creative process, and really get my head around how things are made. So, on the off-chance some of you are like me, I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of my blog, and show you how I keep organised!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Good morning! It’s my birthday, and I’m 22 today!

There’ll be some amusing little treats for you up on the blog a little later today, but this is just a slightly more normal birthday post!

Since I’m actually fairly busy today (more on that later), I threw a little party on Saturday night – very small, by my standards, it wasn’t even fancy dress! A grown-up Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, with gorgeous cocktails in teapots and far too many desserts…

Apologies for the low quality pictures, I managed to forget my camera!

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The White Company Rose Candle*

So, you know about my love of candles, right? And they don’t come much more sophisticated than candles from The White Company. Their Rose candle is a gorgeous, sleek addition to my decor, with a floral spring scent that instantly makes me smile when I light it.

(Warning, overuse of the word gorgeous may abound in this post!)

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What’s In My Bag?

This is my bag. I love it so much! It’s a pink Radley Aldgate, and it was a present from my parents for my 21st birthday. I’m extremely picky about handbags, so when I decided I needed to get a ‘grown-up’ handbag, I fell pretty hard for this one. I love that it’s got three sections (two zipped and one open), and plenty of pockets, that it’s big enough to put my laptop in, and that it’s got long enough handles to go over my shoulder. I can’t believe I’ve never put it on the blog before! Anyway, read on to see what I carry around with me every day!

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