An Amazing Hay-on-Wye Book Haul!

This weekend, I spent a lovely few days with my Mum in the little Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye. If you’re as much of a book-lover as we are, that name should be ringing some bells for you straight away: Hay-on-Wye is otherwise known as the Town of Books. Yep, it’s a town filled with second-hand and antique bookshops. Basically my dream town.

We stayed in the most beautiful B&B I’ve ever seen, The Bear. We’d actually stayed there the year before, and fell in love with the gorgeous building and the lovely owners, David and Andrew (not to mention the amazing breakfast!). The Bear is a gorgeous old labyrinthine building, with lots of little nooks and crannies, but decorated beautifully, with an amazing mix of the old and the modern:


Mum and I stayed in the twin room, which is much bigger than this photo makes it look – it is beautiful, with a gorgeous en-suite, and the most comfortable beds! Also, look at those gorgeous tapestry blankets…

room2-2These two pictures are taken from The Bear’s website.

Anyway, once we managed to tear ourselves away from our stunning little base, we went off on a weekend-long rampage of the bookshops, and I thought I’d show you my finds!  Continue reading

Sunday Book Nook #3 – Chambers’s Etymological Dictionary

One of my geekiest qualities is my love of language. I have always loved words, how they fit together and in particular, where it might have come from. Fairly often, I’ll just stop in the middle of a conversation or a page, because the cogs just start twirling about one word and its origins.

This sometimes leads to conversations that go like this:

Asha playing Skyrim: “Hello Jarl. Yyyyaarl. Yeeee-arrrrl. Eeeearl. Hm. Oh! I bet that’s related to ‘earl’!” (correct).

Or, Asha watching The Apprentice: “Hey, that oud looks like a lute! Ooh! What if the English comes from the Arabic through French? Oud! L’oud! Lute!” (I was wrong on the coming through French, it’s just a corruption, but they are related).

When I have these flashes of inspiration/noise-mangling, I reach for a wonderful book, which is what I’m going to show you today:

P1000814P1000815 Continue reading