Review: Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters – Pineapple Expressed and Lime and Coconut Parfait

I’ve just realised I never reviewed these little lovelies for you! I was given these as part of a Secret-Santa-type thing my theatre group did after our last play, and I never did find out who my mysterious benefactor was – if you’re reading this now, thank you very much! As much of a Lush fan as I am, I’m always keen to branch out, and these two bath blasters (aka bombs) from Bomb Cosmetics, Pineapple Expressed and Lime and Coconut Parfait, are perfect fruity scents for spring!  Continue reading

Lush Lust List!

In the spirit of Christmas, I think it might be time for another lust list! And of course, what better theme for someone like me than the Lush products I’m currently dying to own..? Not all of these are new, and not all of them are from the Christmas range – several of them I’ve tried before and are definite favourites. My one stipulation for this list was that they were all currently in shops (i.e. not discontinued, or Retro), otherwise it might go on forever! Here’s my current list, in reverse order…

5. Santa’s lip scrub.

I’ll be totally honest with you, I feel like the Lush lip scrubs are a bit of a waste of money. They are literally just sugar, colour and flavouring, and I’ve so far refused to get on board with them. But then, I tried this out in the shop, and oh, my… It tastes like cola bottles, and leaves a teeny tiny bit of colour on your lips, and is basically really lovely. Overpriced? At £5.50 for a tiny pot of sugar, definitely yes. But that doesn’t seem to stop me lusting after it…

Read on for the rest of the countdown! Continue reading

It’s Christmas! (At Lush, anyway – Lush Christmas Haul)


I’m back in Oxford! I arrived back yesterday, unpacked, had tea with Boyfriend, and then was physically dragged into Lush by my friend, who wanted to show me all the Christmas things and had made me promise to avoid spoilers until she could show me! So yesterday afternoon was a bit of a crazy wintery wonderland, and, well, just look at the size of that bag! (I included my iPhone 4 for reference – it’s flipping huge!) Continue reading

Autumn Lush Essentials


Okay, so nothing from Lush is particularly essential, but these are the products that I’m reaching for more and more as the year, sunlight, and warmth slip away to autumn. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn, and I love switching up my skincare and toiletries to accommodate things – so here are my favourite Lush autumn products.

(Quick disclaimer – I haven’t bought anything from the Halloween or Christmas collections, so that’s not what I mean by autumn products. Don’t fear, there’ll be a massive Limited Edition haul sometime next week, I’m sure!) Continue reading

Surprise Lush Haul!

I still haven’t broken my spending ban, don’t worry!

On Saturday, my local Lush shop was taking part in the attempt to break the World Record for the number of kiss-prints collected in a day, to celebrate International Kissing Day and Lush’s cruelty free make up. They asked me to help out recording people’s names, but I ended up standing in the middle of the busiest street in Oxford with a cardboard sign, cajoling passers-by to come and ‘give us a kiss’!

I had a lot of fun, and went to head off after a couple of hours, when the very lovely manager handed me one of the enormous gift sets as a thank you! I was so surprised, and so grateful – here are my lovely goodies from the the You’re a Star gift set.

DSCF1662 DSCF1664

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100 Followers Giveaway!

Hello! Sorry there’s been no post since Monday, I’ve been rather busy celebrating my 21st birthday!

In honour of that, and in honour of reaching my first proper blogging milestone, 100 whole followers, I decided to do a little giveaway (UK only, I’m really sorry).

Here’s what you could win:P1000053

A lovely Lush Mr Bumble, and a Barry M TMLP lipstick!

The Mr Bumble contains a Honey Bee bath bomb, and a beehive-shaped chunk of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which were my first ever products from Lush, and are some of their bestselling items. Also, who wouldn’t want this awesome bee winging its way to them in the post?

The TLMP lipstick is incredible (hopefully I’ll be putting up a review fairly soon). Yes, it is green. But it doesn’t come out green on your lips, oh no. This is magic. It reacts to the pH in your skin, or some other such magic, and goes the perfect pink for your skintone. It just so happens that on me, it goes a very similar shade to the Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic (a rich, bright, blue-fuchsia), but on my mum it goes a darkish rose-pink, and on another friend it goes a very natural rosey colour. I love it, and I thought that it would be cool to have a prize that suits everyone!

SO. What do you have to do to win these lovelies? 

This is really simple, there’s only two steps (and an optional step).

1. [COMPULSORY] Be a follower of The Oxford Owl, since I’m celebrating followers. You can follow via WordPress or via email if you don’t have a blog (text box in the sidebar).

(1.5.[OPTIONAL] Follow me on Bloglovin’ for an extra entry.)

2. [COMPULSORY] Leave me a comment with an email I can reach you at, telling me the name you follow as for each of the options. If you don’t comment, you don’t get entered.

And that’s it.

I’m really sorry, but I can only post to the UK – the costs to post outside would be as much as the prizes! The giveaway will run until 12pm (lunchtime) on Monday the 13th of May, and the winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Tuesday the 14th.

Good luck!

Asha x

Tiny Lush Haul

Yay for Christmas!

Lush’s Christmas stock is here! I spent a lovely twenty minutes browsing all the new things with a very helpful (and very pretty!) assistant. I’d seen the Enchanter (the bath bomb on the left) reviewed on girlfridaysblog and decided I had to buy one, and was completely blown away by the gorgeous fragrance. It’s a citrussy woody sort of smell, really autumnal and exactly what I feel like after a long day at the moment.

Then I was tempted by the toffee-apple scented Fizzbanger (on the right), which apparently has popping candy inside it, so that should be fun! Did you know that there’s no apple essential oil, and they have to use other scents to reproduce an apple-y smell? I have to say, they did an incredible job, and I’ll be going back for a So White, which is also apple scented.

The soap in front is Mr Punch, one of the Christmas soaps.My piece isn’t as pretty as the big pieces i the shop, ’cause the assistant didn’t cut a slice with any colourful sections, so it’s just a really deep pink (with one grey section). It smells fruity and dark, and apparently is made with real gin! I might see if Boyfriend likes the smell and get him some… I had been planning on getting him a Midnight Massage bar, since the Each Peach is getting a little sickly (it smells like yellow Strepsils!), but it’s absolutely covered in glitter, and I don’t know if he’ll go for that!

Do you like the look of any of the Lush Christmas stuff? I know I’ll be going back pretty soon to grab some more – probably the pepperminty White North Pole, and the Snow Globe soap.