January Empties

I know this post is well into February, but here’s a little round-up of what I used up in January.


Johnson’s Daily Essentials Hydrating 24hour Day Cream

This day cream is really moisturising, and it’s great value for money at around £4 for 50ml. This pot lasted me about 4 months, and I’ve moved straight onto my next pot. I like that it’s light enough not to feel sticky – you can put make-up on right away – and it contains SPF 15, which is great for giving just a little protection on a normal day. I also like the glass jar, which makes it feel a lot more expensive than it is!


Samples of Lush Eau Roma and Ultrabland, Sample of Dove Visiblecare Renewing Creme Body Wash

These small pots from Lush are part of my long-term hunt for a good, adult cleanser after years of using harsh Clean and Clear anti-acne cleanser (despite never having any problem with spots as a teen – go on, hate me). I realised that it was far more astringent than my slightly dry skin needed, and started to look for a more comforting cleanser. I love Clarins’ Water Comfort peach cleanser, but at £19 for 200ml, I thought that was rather too much for my student budget!

I popped into Lush, where the very helpful assistant offered me samples of a few things to see what I liked, and wow, am I glad that she did. Many people had recommended Ultrabland to me, so I got a sample of that…

I hated it! It was so greasy and horrible, like rubbing butter into my skin. The consistency really made me squirm, and even after very very liberal application of toner to remove it, I still had to actually wash my face with soap to get rid of the feeling (which is really not the point of cleanser). I used the rest of this sample up as a shaving cream. I can’t say I’d recommend it!

The top pot contained cotton pads soaked with Eau Roma toner water, which I love, and have repurchased a big bottle of (£7.25 for 250ml). It’s really refreshing and soothing at the same time, even though I’m not the most enormous fan of lavender, and Boyfriend always says I smell nice when I’ve used it. I also got a sample of the 9 to 5 cleanser, which I love and have repurchased (£9.25 for 240ml). Post about that coming soon!

The little bottle I can only assume I got free as a sample from Dove at some point – I discovered it while I was having a clear out in my room. For that reason, my review might be slightly un-useful, since I disliked the consistency of this product also (but it might have been past its use-by date). I found this far too thick for a shower gel, and while it was very very moisturising, its lack of foam meant I didn’t feel like it really made me clean! Very nice for shaving with, though.


Alberto Balsam Raspberry Conditioner, L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shine Conditioner

Is it just me, or does everyone go through conditioner about three times as fast as shampoo? Maybe I just really use a lot…? Anyway, here are two conditioners I got through while using my Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo (still going!). The Alberto Balsam is fairly basic, and while it does the job, I’ve used far better conditioners that make me think it’s worth spending £3 rather than the £1 this costs. The L’Oreal Elvive conditioner, though, I loved, and would definitely repurchase if it were on offer. I think its regular price of £4.50 is a little steep – I don’t mind spending a lot on shampoo, since it lasts me ages, but when I go through a bottle of conditioner every two weeks, it needs to be a bit more economical.

What have you enjoyed using in the cold weather? Have you got any recommendations of cleansers for 20-something, slightly dry skin?

Asha x