My Winter Skincare Routine


Wow, it’s cold at the moment! Definitely a multiple-pairs-of-socks time of year… And since there’s no way to wear multiple pairs of socks on your face (well, not while maintaining a normal social life), it’s also the time of year that I beef up my skincare routine a little bit to make sure my skin is protected from the cold. Continue reading

Review: Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask


I recently managed to get a sample of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask through a recycling scheme my mum joined, which gives you treats for recycling… Or something… I don’t really know how it works, but I know I jumped when she offered me the voucher for this! This mask is a bit of a cult blogger favourite, and I was so excited to try it – luckily, it lived up to all the hype and every one of my expectations. Continue reading

July Empties!


Empties time! I’ve used up quite a lot of products this month, so let’s get straight to it!

P1010149Haircare first – I finished up my Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine shampoo, eventually. I loved the shine this product gave me, but hated the tendency it had to get in my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME I washed my hair. I am a grown up. I can wash my own hair. But not with this. I even left it at home during summer term for my brother to finish, but he didn’t like it either, so I had to slog through the last bit. Nice hair once the pain was over, though!

I also used a whole bottle of Alberto Balsam Raspberry conditioner. This is probably my Holy Grail conditioner – it’s cheap, and it does a great job, and it smells good! I rotate between raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate, whichever I find, and don’t think there’s really any difference between them.

Then there’s the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner. I did like these, but if you’ve checked out my detailed review, you’ll know that I thought they were overpriced, and not as good as the old formula. Shame.

P1010150In terms of moisturising bits and pieces, with the heatwave and a sunburned arm, I got through quite a bit. I finished off my night cream, Nivea Pure and Natural Regenerating Night Cream, which I like and would use again, although I am a little bit bored of it, and am always on the hunt for rose or peach scented creams. Body-wise, I used up my sample of Lush Dream Cream, which is gorgeous, and a small bottle of Bio Oil that had been kicking around for ages. Dream Cream is the perfect summer moisturiser; Bio Oil is nice, but quite messy to apply – probably one best saved for winter if you’re planning to use it all over. Then finally, NSpa Coconut Ice Cream Body Cream, which was a really nice, slightly-lighter-than-body-butter cream. Unfortunately, NSpa doesn’t make this scent any more, which is a shame, because it’s one of the few coconut scents I like.


Bits and bobs! Yes, that is the matching shower gel to the coconut body cream above, NSpa Coconut Ice Cream shower gel. This is quite nice, but the little bottle was too hard to squeeze, and I wouldn’t choose coconut for myself, even though this is quite a nice one.

Then there’s the tiny sample of Lush Aqua Marina face wash, which actually lasted me a good two months of every day use – imagine how long you’d get out of a big pot! I loved the consistency of this and the clean but moisturised feeling it left on my skin, but I did feel it smelled a bit fishy. Literally. A bit like tuna. If I can get over that, I’ll buy it again, because I’ve realised that I hate foaming face wash, and I think Aqua Marina might actually be unique on the market.

I used this ancient sample-sized No7 Total Renewal Microdermabrasion Exfoliator as a body scrub – waaaay too scrubby for my face, and I normally love scrubby! This is so old I have no idea if they even make it any more! Yes, boringly, there’s deodorant in there – Sure Crystal Clear Pure deodorant (wow, put a lot of clean words in there!) which was fine, but I prefer not to use a spray deodorant.

P1010155And finally, two little Lush pots that slipped through just after I’d taken the photo of everything together! BB Seaweed face mask, which I didn’t love as much as Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, because I thought it smelled a bit garlicky… and Volcano foot mask, a present from the lovely Miranda – you can see my review of this here!

I have one more product I used up this month, but it’s a very special one that I’ve already repurchased, and I want to do a separate post on – oh, the suspense!

As always, let me know if you want full reviews on anything, and let me see your empties posts!

Asha x

Soaking Exhausted!

Remember my resolution to get fit over the summer?

Well, I’m into my third week of the Couch to 5k plan, where you build up over nine weeks from the lowest start (puffing through a 60 second jog) to being able to run 5k/30 minutes at a time. Today, I decided to balance my exercise with a bit of a resistance workout, and had a lovely session with one of the personal trainers at the gym to create a weights programme I can actually do.

And I did this in 32 degree heat. After a very busy five hours at work (Classicist by term, waitress by holiday!).

So, I’ve been sweltering and very active all day, and when I got home, muscles complaining, all I wanted to do was flomp down and relax. And that’s where my soak in the bath came in!


I ran a bath rather cooler than usual, and used an array of relaxing lavender-camomile Lush bits and pieces to get me ready for an early night. I slicked on some Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, used about a quarter of my French Kiss bubble bar for heaps of bubbles, and exfoliated with the Aqua Mirabilis body butter bar. Add to that an excellent book and a cup of Pukka Dreamtime tea, and I was all set!

What do you do to treat yourself after a busy day?

Asha x

May Empties!

I’m a couple of days early, but my empties box is brimming over, so thought it was about time I got around to the post… Here’s what we have!


So… that’s quite a lot of things! Some of this I used up very early in the month, so it feels like ages ago – I was surprised there was this much in the box.

Continue reading

Review: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

I am a Catastrophe Convert! P1000130This face mask is incredible – I thought I liked Brazened Honey, but I LOVE this! I got quite sunburned on my birthday, due to spending most of it outside, and by Thursday my skin was really sore and hot. I popped into Lush just to say hi, and was recommended the Catastrophe Cosmetic to calm and soothe my skin.

Continue reading

Review: Lush Brazened Honey Face Mask

DSCF0435Does anyone else procrastinate by applying beauty products? I need to finish an essay today, but somehow I just can’t possibly do that without my face being reeeeaally soft. And that’s where this comes in!

Lush’s Brazened Honey Face Mask is one of their fresh face masks, which means you need to keep it in the fridge. It claims to be an ‘exfoliating, stimulating and nourishing mask for tired skins’, which sounds perfect given my dull, sleepy skin after nearly three years at Oxford. I’ve been using this once or twice a week for about a month, now, and I still have about half of the pot left – either I have an exceedingly small face, or Lush is very generous with these masks, because I haven’t exactly been using it lightly! Continue reading

Another small haul

I really went through a make-up buying phase last week – not only did I come back from Bicester with all these pretties from L’Occitane, but Boyfriend popping into Superdrug for shower gel last weekend turned into me buying these too!

IMG_1694IMG_1695Fine, it was inevitable that I’d buy another Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I love the formula, and I’ve already raved about it here, so I won’t go over it again – this shade is called Honey, and it’s a very neutral pink which almost makes me reach for the hated words ‘my lips but better’. It’s slightly paler than my natural lip colour, but its sheerness means that it doesn’t look stupidly Barbie-pink on me. Another good addition to my growing collection of these versatile lip products.

I wanted to pick up a pressed powder to temper my foundation with. I don’t know if it’s me getting paler, or what, but all of a sudden my normal foundation seems very very obvious. This was only something stupid like £1.99, and it seems to be doing the job!

Finally, I bought a baked eyeshadow duo from Accessorize, which I really didn’t need. I’d been disappointed by the selection of eyeshadows at the Mac outlet at Bicester – although there were some gorgeous marbled baked ones, they were very battered and not reduced very much (I think around £12 for one?). This caught my eye as being very similar, and it was two colours for £3.95. I love the look of these marbled eyeshadows – I think they look like little planets. How cute would a set of planet themed baked shadows look? Anyway, these are very very pigmented and soft, and I’ve been wearing them all week!

IMG_1698Make up urges somewhat subdued, I nipped over to Lush to grab a Brightside bubble bar before the Easter stock disappears this weekend.

IMG_1690This smells delicious, like bright citrus and spring – it has the same scent as the Sun perfume from Gorilla Perfumes, if you fall in love with the scent of this bubble bar. It’s huge (the size of The Comforter)- I used one-sixth for my bath the other night, and that gave me more than enough bubbles, so this really will last a long time. My one issue is that it turned the water an… interesting shade of yellow-orange, which wasn’t great, but luckily that was mostly hidden by MOUNDS OF BUBBLES!

I did actually buy something else from Lush, the Brazened Honey face mask, but I stupidly left it in the fridge at Boyfriend’s house. I should have it back soon, and then I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

As you can see, I’ve been splurging on beauty quite a bit recently – what are your recent spring finds?

Asha x