Review: Lush Emotional Brilliance in Sophisticated* and Fantasy


Lush’s Emotional Brilliance is a widely varied range of highly pigmented liquid eyeliners, eyeshadows and lipsticks – these are definitely targeted at the higher-end of the high street market, at £14.50 a colour, but the richness of the formula makes these worth saving up for. I’ve previously reviewed Decisive, a classic red lipstick, and Motivation, a metallic teal liner, and they’ve become fixtures in my make up bag. When I was in Lush last week for the #OxMeet blogger meet up, I was thrilled to find Sophisticated*, a pearly taupe eyeshadow, in my goody bag, and couldn’t help but add Fantasy, a gold eyeliner, myself.  Continue reading


End of Term Hauling, Part Two: Lush

The second part of my haul! Start here if you missed yesterday’s post. But for now, on to Lush!


I popped into Lush on Sunday morning to say goodbye just before I moved out, and of course to stock up on lovely things to put in my bath! I love my bath. At home we have a big, deep bath, with a big, deep hot water tank (unlike at Boyfriend’s, where there’s only ever enough hot water for half a bath, and you have to run up and down stairs with multiple kettles to get it chest-deep). This definitely requires Lush products! Continue reading

Rainbow Tag!

The lovely Maya at Playing With Fashion tagged me to do the Rainbow Tag, which I’ve seen going around beauty blogs for a couple of weeks. I’m really excited to get colourful and show you my brightest beautyloves!

1. RedP1000954

My love for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains is no great secret, and I adore this sheer red lip stain (Romantic) for its ease of application. I’ve kept it on me pretty much all the time since I bought it, which you can see – all the writing’s worn off of it!

2. OrangeP1000955

I’m so sad that this was limited edition for Easter. The Brightside bubble bar is an orangey, summery delight!

Continue reading

Review: Lush Emotional Brilliance, Decisive and Motivation

I spend a lot of time in Lush, and over time I’ve been tempted from the glittery bath side of the store to the more everyday items on the other side. Part of this was discovering their Emotional Brilliance range of make up – late to the party, I know – which I’d always dismissed as too expensive for something not very special. Boy was I wrong. Yes, it is expensive (£14.50 a colour), but the products are comparable to high end products, and well, well worth the money.


I currently own Decisive, a gorgeous red with very subtle pink shine, and Motivation, an intense shimmery teal blue. While Lush say you can use these colours as eyeliner, eyeshadow, cheek colour and lipstick, I play it completely safe, using Decisive as lipstick and Motivation as eyeliner (backed up by the fact that Decisive comes with a doe foot applicator, and Motivation with a little brush). Continue reading