Birthday Lush Haul!

So, I was a very lucky girl on my birthday, and was given lots of awesome Lush bits to keep me pampered through the exam period… I thought I’d show you what I got! (Quick disclaimer – I definitely don’t mean to brag, I’m just excited to have new Lush stuff!) Continue reading

Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part Two <3

Did you see Part One, where I reviewed the Neon Love soap and Prince Charming shower gel? Well, I couldn’t help going back to Lush to pick up a couple more items from the Valentine’s Day Lush products…


So I came home with the Love Locket bath bomb and the Tender is the Night massage bar. As I mentioned in my last post, I think these are both pretty pricey (£6.95 and £6.50 respectively), but if that doesn’t put you off, then you should really enjoy these two sweet, girly products. Continue reading

A Christmassy Lush Bath Haul

It’s the last week of term here in Oxford, and that means plenty of stress for me! It’s the week of the pantomime – this term I’m musical director and also playing the Doctor’s companion (not to mention also playing a ninja fairy and the front of the pantomime dragon tomorrow night because one of the cast can’t make it). It’s also the week of termly reports, meetings with the college Principal, catching up one last time with friends, cramming in the last few library hours, and finally packing.


So, on Saturday night, my first night at home, I’m expecting to be pretty tired. I popped into Lush for a bit of bath planning, and came away with some awesome bits to make a relaxing Christmas bath to kick off my holiday. Continue reading

It’s Christmas! (At Lush, anyway – Lush Christmas Haul)


I’m back in Oxford! I arrived back yesterday, unpacked, had tea with Boyfriend, and then was physically dragged into Lush by my friend, who wanted to show me all the Christmas things and had made me promise to avoid spoilers until she could show me! So yesterday afternoon was a bit of a crazy wintery wonderland, and, well, just look at the size of that bag! (I included my iPhone 4 for reference – it’s flipping huge!) Continue reading

Lush Stash Part Two

My current face and body products!



Massage bars!

  • Two of the Christmas 2012 LE Midnight Massage – there’s one of these at Boyfriend’s house too, and I adore the smell. I wish this was in the permanent line! It’s a very soft, spicy jasmine, and it tends to cling to you for a little while afterward. I loved it so much I bought two more in the sale.
  • A very broken Each Peach – this was the first massage bar I tried, and it’s very citrussy and fresh. After a while of using it often, I find it a little sickly, almost like yellow Strepsils, but I just have to have a break from it and then I’m back enjoying the lemony scent.
  • And finally From Dusk to Dawn (LE for Valentine’s Day 2013), which is a very dark, almost bitter orange scent. It’s a much sexier citrus than Each Peach, and I’m looking forward to using it.



  • Lust solid perfume: excuse the messy stick, it melted a bit and it’s not really a ‘stick’ anymore so much as a ‘tube full of slightly liquid wax’. It still works fine. This is a strong, strong jasmine scent, which can be a little much at times, but it’s so addictive. It really lasts well, and has the strongest sillage of all the solids I’ve tried, perhaps just because it is such a strong scent. I adore this, but I can’t wear it every day.
  • Vanillary solid perfume: I only bought this on Tuesday, and I really wasn’t intending to. This is a sweet, toffee-ish vanilla scent that is so comforting and warm, but I always assumed it was a little bit boring – I tend to prefer spicier scents. But, I bought this for a friend’s birthday, at the recommendation of the most amazing Lush girl (hello Rowan!) and she tried it on my arm. No word of a lie, the next four people I met told me how good I smelled. So I went back and bought one for myself. It really is the most adorable scent, almost like you’ve just finished making cookies.
  • Flowers Barrow, from the new range of Gorilla Perfumes. So, after I went back in to pick up Vanillary, I spent a further hour or more in Lush chatting and trying on all the new perfumes. There’s something about Flowers Barrow that reminds me of my childhood; it smells almost medical, but in a comforting way, which is strange because the whole scent smells very magical and dangerous, like exploring an overgrown castle. I was instantly drawn to it. I had a sample of Blousey shampoo from my Tuesday visit, and it has the same smell – it got to the point where smelling Flowers Barrow on the card wasn’t enough, and I ended up using a tiny bit of Blousey on my wrists as sort of faux-perfume. So I was pretty sure I’d better go back and buy it.

This is all the Lush perfume I currently have, but when I have a little more money, I’ll be hitting the website to pick up some of the older perfumes, which Rowan tried on me from her own collection, bless her. I am now really lusting after Cocktail, B Scent, Inhale and Superworld Unknown (which I think smells like The Enchanter bath bomb)!


Actual face care!

  • 9 to 5 cleanser. About a month ago, my skin was so dry. I knew I had to stop using the terribly stripping Clean and Clear cleanser I’d had since I was about 14 (God knows why, I’ve never had oily skin) and update my skincare to something appropriate. I asked for recommendations from my friends, and they all said Ultrabland from Lush. So, I toddled down to Lush, and picked up some samples. As I’ve already posted here, I really hated Ultrabland. Really hated it. But I loved this! It’s a soft, creamy cleanser, which smells a little floral, but mostly just warm and soft. It’s good at taking off make-up, even Urban Decay eyeliner, which always foxed previous make-up removers!
  • Eau Roma toner – another product I had a sample of. This is lovely; it’s rosewater and lavender water, and not much else, which does make me think that I could probably buy it more cheaply elsewhere, but I like this. It does what it’s supposed to, it’s nice and refreshing, and I like the spray cap – that will come in handy in summer when it’s hot!

flyingfoxFinally, something that’s only loosely ‘body product’ as opposed to ‘bath product’, but I have so many bombs and bars to show you that I thought I’d stick it in here.

  • Flying Fox shower gel. Now this is delicious. It’s a strong jasmine and honey scent, not quite identical to Lust because the honey really chimes in over the top, but certainly strong enough that you really need to like jasmine. Like Lust, I don’t fancy this every day, so I keep it in rotation with a fruity/floral shower gel (currently Imperial Leather LE Bewitching), and pull this out for evening showers or days I need a boost of sexiness. This is actually incredible to use on bad days, and PMT days, for some sort of aromatherapy reason… It does actually work, despite my rubbish description! My main problem with this is that a bottle this size costs around £10, which is a LOT for a shower gel. So I’m rationing it for best. 


So, there we go, Part Two of my Lush stash. Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite type of Lush product?

You might also have noticed a couple of big changes in my blog layout. Let me know what you think, what looks good and what doesn’t work – it’s a work in progress, so there might well be more changes!

Asha x