Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part Two <3

Did you see Part One, where I reviewed the Neon Love soap and Prince Charming shower gel? Well, I couldn’t help going back to Lush to pick up a couple more items from the Valentine’s Day Lush products…


So I came home with the Love Locket bath bomb and the Tender is the Night massage bar. As I mentioned in my last post, I think these are both pretty pricey (£6.95 and £6.50 respectively), but if that doesn’t put you off, then you should really enjoy these two sweet, girly products. Continue reading


Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part One <3


So, since it’s stopped being Christmas at Lush, it must be time for Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure about their calendar-keeping, but I am pleased to see another new collection from Lush already. Continue reading