Outfit in the Sun #3!






This peacock feather dress from New Look is a couple of years old, and I rarely get an opportunity to wear it – but it’s perfect for warm summer evenings out, hence the attempt at a slightly more glamourous photoshoot… Although I’m not sure why I decided to do this sans makeup and with wet hair! I love the colour and pattern of this dress, and will definitely be making more of an attempt to wear it for nights out in the UK.

Asha x

Outfit of the Day (ish): 3rd August

I’ll be honest with you again, I’ve guessed at a date when I’ll be wearing this… It’s certainly one of the outfits I’m taking to Malta, though!

Again, magical tech means that I bring you this outfit post from 35 degree Malta, but the photos seem to depict a garden in England plagued by rain (ooh, mysterious). Here is a pouty pouty outfit post.


Looking wistfully at the rain… Wearing my charity shop sunhat and my Kit Heath twist necklace (a birthday present from one of my aunts).


I adore this dress. I bought it in the French Connection outlet at Bicester (I think it was in this haul) and it is so perfect – a very flattering colour and shape, and again, it’s really long on my apparently freakishly-proportioned body! This is my easy summer event dress, because it needs no faffing or co-ordinating.


What’s your no-fuss summer outfit? What do you think of mine?

Asha x