Nails of the Day: Jessica Nails Gorgeous Garter Belt

It’s been a while since I’ve considered my nails in good enough condition to paint, but they’re finally just getting long enough that I can bear to see them coloured! With all the grey light at the moment, I was feeling ready for a pop of colour, but still lusting after the darkened jewel tones that autumn seems to call for, and I knew I had the perfect thing: Jessica Nails Gorgeous Garter Belt, a deep, rich peony pink. It’s much more sophisticated than the terrible name would suggest.

Anyway, enough talking, on with the pictures!

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My Nail Polish Collection

While I was packing up my room at the end of term, I took the opportunity to go through a lot of my stuff and get rid of a lot of things. One of the areas I tackled was my rather large nail polish collection!

P1000829I forced myself to be quite realistic and get rid of anything that I never wore or always took off straight after applying (does anyone else do this?). I admitted to myself that I don’t like bright pink nail polish, or glitter in a clear top coat, and despite the prettiness of the bottles, cleared those out too. Now all my polish fits in one box (with the exception of A England, which I will never cull, and which I’ll show my collection of another day).  Continue reading

Nails of the Day: Sweet as Ice Cream

Today the sunshine made me reach for my brightest, springiest polishes for a sweet skittle manicure! This is much more striking and cutesy than I would normally wear, but I have to admit, it’s making me smile.

P1000855Coral: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Papaya

Yellow: Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

Turquoise: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Greenberry

Blue: Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Purple: A England Guinevere

Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri


Quite a lot of Barry M! As always with pastel/light colours, there’s a certain amount of streakiness meaning that several coats are needed of most of these: the coral and turquoise are three coaters, the purple is two, blue is (impressively) only one, and the yellow is the worst polish I’ve ever used, needing five coats. It’s already smudged on my right hand, because five coats is just waaay too many to have on your nails, however long you give them to dry! The other colours are fairly impressive, though.

What do you think of this mani? A bit too childish, or perfect for a spot of sunshine?

Asha x

Nails of the Day: Blue Polka Dots with Barry M and Essie

P1000811The simplest of all nail art! Paint your nails with a base colour (mine’s Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream). Unfold a kirby grip, dip it in the second polish (mine’s Essie Mezmerised), dot over your nails. I’ve jazzed this up with a zigzag of reversed colour on my middle finger, and topped it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, et voila.

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Nails of the Day: A England Galahad and St George

There’s something about A England polishes that makes me want to photograph them whenever I wear them! I’ve been wearing Galahad, a beautiful dusty turquoise, on its own for a couple of days, and this morning I felt like jazzing it up a little, so I’ve added a sort of frill of St George, a deep teal holographic.

P1000218 P1000220P1000224Pretty, don’t you think? These two polishes are among my favourite few A Englands (no way could I choose one favourite!), and I think they work really well together.

Asha x


Nails of the Day: A England Saint George, with a Dragon Twist

In honour of St George’s Day (23rd April), I painted my nails with his namesake polish from A England, a beautiful dark teal holo. I really think this might be one of my favourite polishes! Of course, I couldn’t leave the dragon out, so I added a basic tape checkerboard on my ring finger with Dragon, an olive green holo that’s prettier than it sounds.DSCF0404 Continue reading

Nails of the Day: A England Purple Gradient

I’ve never tried a gradient before, but I’ve always thought they looked super pretty. Today when it came time to choose my nail colours for the next couple of days, I knew I wanted to wear purple, but thought that I wanted something a bit more exciting than plain colour. So, I whipped out my sponge (19p for 5, thank you Tesco!) and had a go at a gradient!


I love A England, and plan to do a little post about my whole collection of them quite soon (just waiting for good sunlight to swatch all the holos!). For this look I’ve used Guinevere, a pretty pale purple, and Elaine, a very dark purple.  Continue reading

Zoya Kelly

I was given Zoya Kelly for Christmas by my grandmother, and look how cute it is! It’s the perfect subtle, sophisticated substitute for black, and it works gorgeously with a dark winter wardrobe.

IMG_1599 - Version 2

Excuse my red cuticles, my hands are very dry from the cold weather at the moment!

I’ve heard that it’s similar to Nars Galion, but I think it’s a little lighter and a little blue-r, although by no means actually blue. I love wearing this as a neutral, wear-with-anything colour – it’s so versatile, because it’s not showy in the slightest, although look at that shine! It’s not even topcoated in the above photo. Dry time is a little longer than I’d like (although really, I’d like instantaneous), but the formula is good. The colour is weak and patchy on the first coat, but fills out to an even, deep coverage on the second coat.

This is a definite addition to my favourites.

Asha x

Autumn Nails!

Natural (next to no) light


So, my parents are lovely and sent me a little surprise in the post – China Glaze’s Harvest Moon polish, from the Hunger Games collection. Ever since I saw Jessica’s Pumpkin Delight polish, I’ve been wishing for a pretty sparkly orange colour, and this is even better! It’s so perfect for autumn, and it’s fascinating to have on your fingers. The first day I wore it, I kept getting distracted in the library, it was so sparkly. It’s a good formula, too, a more chemical smell than I’ve ever had before, but it dries quickly and evenly.

It was crying out to be made even more autumnal, so I added little leaves in Jessica Shall We Dance (sparkly red) and Notorious (a deep brown with red sparkles). The first picture is just to show the design, but the flash is much much truer to the bright colours, although it wipes out the red somewhat. I really really love having this on my nails, it’s so pretty and it’s had so many compliments! Do you like the idea of seasonal nail polish, or do you just wear the same colours all year round?




A-England Guinevere

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive. I moved into my new room in Oxford at the weekend, and I have an exam on Thursday, so it’s been pretty hectic here. Once I’ve got that all sorted, I’ve got some really awesome posts planned, including:

– A tour of my new room

– Pictures of my two fancy dress costumes for this weekend

– Some book reviews

-Outfit posts galore!

And quite a lot more!

But for now, here’s a picture of the pretty colour I have on my nails.

A-England Guinevere

I was given several A-England polishes for my birthday earlier in the year, and they very quickly became my favourite polishes ever. The Arthurian names hooked me, but the gorgeous colours, lovely formula and really easy application means I reach for them more than any others. They dry super quick and super shiny, and you can usually get away with just two coats (one for the shiny/holo colours!).

Guinevere was my least favourite when I opened my parcel (I got Guinevere, King Arthur, Lady of the Lake, Tristram and Morgan le Fay) because I usually wear dark or bright colours, not traditionally ‘pretty’ pinks and purples. But once I tried it, I really fell in love.

In the photo above, and in direct summer sunlight, this is a very feisty bright lilac. It’s a very even, thick creme colour. But in other lights (like most light in England!), it’s a soft, dusty purple, almost grey-tinged, neutral kind of purple. It’s gorgeous, basically!

It’s not blotchy, it’s just that reflective!

I really can’t recommend A England polishes enough. They’re all beautiful, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like! I’m excited to try the new Gothic Beauties range, they seem perfect for winter. Have you tried anything from this brand?