Review: NSpa Japanese Spa Rituals Gift Set


I received this pretty little gift set for Christmas – I love NSpa as a brand (and am actually a member of Nirvana Spa, the spa/gym behind the brand), so I was really happy to see this under the tree! The Japanese Spa Rituals gift set contains three travel-sized products with a cherry blossom and rice milk scent, all housed in a gorgeous bubblegum pink wash bag of a very good size that will be perfect for all my trips up and down to Oxford.  Continue reading

Product review: N-Spa Body Butters

Nirvana Spa has recently overhauled its N-Spa range of bath and body products, which has both good and bad points.

The products themselves seem nicer, and I like the introduction of more citrus-y flavours, but I’m sad they’ve got rid of my favourite (Blueberry) and the chocolate-y, sweet-y flavours. The range is also much more limited, going from 7 or 8 fruit and 5 or 6 chocolate flavours, to just 5 or 6 fruit flavours – and not every product is in every flavour! I would happy buy lots of grapefruit or passionfruit body butter, but they just decided not to do a body butter for these, just body lotion. I hate body lotion with a passion.

Anyway, I happen to have one of both the new and old style body butters to compare today. Here they are:

The old style on the left, and the new on the right.

You can see the new style, which I much prefer to the older one, though I will miss the strange ‘The wise man says…’ on the bottles.* It’s also obvious from just looking at them that the new formulation is much more like a body butter than a lotion, whereas the old one is very wet. What’s very strange is that I had two sets of old-style body butter minis for Christmas, and they were perfect, thick and buttery and really nice. I don’t understand why the larger tubs are so wet!

I’m currently really struggling to finish the blueberry butter before I can move on to the mango one. They both smell divine, but when it comes down to it, the old formulation just doesn’t do it for me. It leaves me feeling sticky and I don’t think it ever really sinks in, since it never leaves my skin as soft as others. The new formulation is comparable to the Body Shop’s butters, which is great, since it sells for £3, less than a quarter of the price! The only downside, as far as I can see, is the very limited range of scents it comes in (mango, raspberry, coconut, and shea butter). Luckily, I love the first two, but I’m not the hugest fan of coconut or shea butter…

Tempted? I can definitely recommend the new style butter! My arms now smell like mangoes and this makes me very happy 🙂





*”Inspiration”, said the wise man “springs from blue skies and a purple patch. Sitting under the stars at midnight you might see the indigo light and discover the answer in velvet smooth exterior. And perhaps… when daylight comes we shall taste vitality in a delicious burst of superberry inside.” I mean, what?