The End of the World As We Know It

I’m back! Sorry, that ‘week off’ turned into slightly longer as I whizzed through the last three exams, spent a week gallivanting about Oxford and sleeping a lot, and then came back to the village to hibernate – my body needed a little while to sort itself out after a term of stress and sleep-deprivation… I’m back now, though, so you can expect lots of fun things to come! To kick us back off, here are some pictures of my triumphant emergence from my final exam!

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Outfit of the Day: Double Floral!

To make the most of my time in Oxford while it’s left (sniff), I did some outfit pictures in the Bodleian library! Well, it’s where I spend most of my time these days, anyway… And it’s a beautiful piece of architecture, so even if you don’t want to look at me, there’s something of interest!
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#OxMeet: An Oxford Beauty Blogger Meet-up! (and Haul!)

It’s taken me rather a while to get this post up, but last Sunday I was lucky enough to attend #OxMeet, a meet-up for Oxford-based bloggers. Organised by the amazing Adrienne of Late Night Nonsense, this was such a great opportunity to meet other lovely bloggers in the area, and we all had a fantastic day! I was a little lax on the photo-taking, but I’ll link you to all the other girls so you can see what went on!

(I’ve borrowed this picture from Kelly’s post, which has fab photos!)

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Oxford Fashion Week Dress Up LiveFriday at the Ashmolean!


Friday night was the big night! The Ashmolean was taken over by Oxford Fashion Week for a night filled with fashion delights, from catwalks to workshops, from exhibitions to showcases. Let me take you on a quick tour of the event with my photos!

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You Shall Go to the Ball! (An Unusual Outfit Post)

Earlier this month, Boyfriend and I went to my college’s ball, which was very exciting, and we had a little photoshoot beforehand thanks to our wonderful friend Ele, of Curious Magpie Photography. Ele took photos of us last year, too, and she is really an amazing photographer – I thought I’d show you how lovely some of these are!


We were lucky enough to have really nice sunshine on the day of the ball, and Corpus Christi gardens made a wonderful backdrop.

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Things I’ll miss in Oxford #1

This bad boy. This is my Sherlock Holmes picture, and it is giant. As a reference, that little photo on the right (d’aww, Boyfriend and I being cute at the ball) is a standard 6″ by 8″ photo. Sherlock is biiiig.

It would have to be, since it’s not just a picture, but also…


Yep. This is from Spineless Classics, which take the text of a book and make it into artwork. It was a birthday present from my parents last year, and I love it to pieces.

But it’s just too big for my new room 😦  I have next to no wall space, and what I do have is slanty, since I’m on the top floor.

So poor Sherlock has to stay here at home, and I have to be unHolmesed in Oxford. That definitely means I can take all the books, right? 😀

Something(s) borrowed…

I’m the first to admit I have a bit of a book addiction. I love everything about books: the stories they have to tell, the feel of them in my hands, the smell – new or old!, the way they look in stacks and on shelves… Pretty much everything. I also love acquiring them, and since I’m not rich enough to buy all the books I want, I end up borrowing quite a few.

I borrowed lots of books from my best friend to read in the holidays. However, it’s now the end of summer and I’m heading back to Oxford in a little under two weeks, and I’ve only read a few – my own huge TBR (to be read) pile sort of got in the way… This is what I have left to read from the things I borrowed from Emily:


The third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, and the first three Joe Abercrombie books.

Last week I also borrowed some books from Boyfriend’s housemate (ostensibly so he didn’t have to move them to the new house, really because I am a book magpie), so I should also read those quite soon:

Kim Newman’s take on Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the D’Urbervilles – I’ll be pleased if it’s as fun as Anno Dracula was, with its total mashup of Victorian literature. And Blackout, which seems to be an Oxonian time-travel novel, and which I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

Of course, my book addiction started at home, with my similarly book-loving mother, and we’ve always shared books. She’s lent me books which have turned out to be my very favourites, and which I’ve bought my own copies of for when I’m not at home.

The trouble with our book swapping, though, is that she somehow manages never to have a ridiculous TBR pile like mine (the most hers will hit is about 15, mine is currently at 164). So she reads the books I lend her straight away, whereas I still have tons of things she probably lent me years ago. I’d like to get a lot of these read before I go back, just because I know how much I hate it when my books are out of my hands.

This is what I currently have from her in the TBR pile of doom (there’s definitely others tucked away on my shelves):

The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell and The White Raven by Dianna L. Paxson, both from my original King Arthur phase several years ago; Magician by Raymond E. Feist, from my introduction to fantasy lit even earlier than that; the first book of Robin Hobb’s newest series, and a non-fiction book about the birth of the detective and detective fiction. These last two were at least lent to me this year!

That’s quite a lot to read in the next ten days – I think I’ll focus on the books in the top picture, since they were given to me a while ago, and the newer books Mum has lent me, since she probably doesn’t remember that I have the others!

Does anyone else stash books quite so much? Even now, when I know exactly how many hundreds I actually have in my room that need to be read, I can’t help but browse the bookshops and libraries and buy and borrow even more!

I just really like books…