Project 10 Pan Take Two!

I’ve been making a real effort to use up my stash of beauty products recently – I’d love to be a bit more minimalist, and certainly not to have a great big storage box of toiletries taking up space! I’ve gotten on really well (you can see my ridiculous number of empties from last month!), but there’s been a few products that just seem to be endless! I’m not entirely sure there’s not a pixie refilling some of these in the night… Anyway, I thought I’d do another Project 10 Pan to make sure I’m using these as much as I can, and show you which products I’m currently trying out!

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Project 10 Pan

Is there anyone left in the beauty blogging world who hasn’t done one of these? Basically, Project 10 Pan is a challenge where you choose 10 items from your beauty stash that are nearly used up, or that you want gone, and you can’t buy any more of that item until you finish it (“hit pan”).

I’m trying my hardest to streamline my stuff at the moment, and so this seems like a really good thing for me to try to do!

Here are my ten items:


So first up, moisturisers:

P1000457Firstly, The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter. I love these body butters, but this one is nearly done, and I have a couple more at home.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret “Silk Body Veil” Lotion – This is a lotion scented with my favourite perfume, but it’s not the best at moisturising, so I’ve been saving it for important days when I want to layer it with the perfume. Which is a bit silly, because it doesn’t smell very strongly, and I have a large bottle of the perfume.

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