An Accidental Pay-Day Book Haul…

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is that trip to the bookshop a couple of weeks beforehand, to pick up lots of new, shiny books to read on the aeroplane, while lounging by the pool, on car journeys and ferry journeys and bus journeys, in bed when it’s too hot to sleep… Okay, I basically read all the time on holiday.

And yesterday was that bookshop trip. A good half hour spent in the local Oxfam bookshop furnished me with plenty of new reading material!

So, you could say I’ve fallen off the July spending ban wagon rather spectacularly. Or, if you were feeling generous, you might point out that while I did get some books yesterday, my very kind mother swooped in with her card as I was at the till.

You might also point out that I misremembered when my holiday was (10 days time, hurrah!) and thought I could pick up some books for that in early August after the ban was over…

But still. In the spirit of not acquiring any more books to add to the crazy TBR pile, I’ve failed quite badly. Care to take a look?



Sorry for the low-light photo!

Not all of these are for my holiday – the Lindsey Davis is to add to my collection of Falco novels (only one to go now!), and the copy of Chocolat is to replace my current copy, which has ‘Free with Good Food magazine’ plastered across the back. I also probably won’t take Becoming Bindy MacKenzie on holiday, since no-one else will read it, but I loved Jaclyn Moriarty’s books when I was a teenager, and never read this one, so I had to grab it!

I’m also definitely not taking The Lore of the Land on holiday, just because I think it would take up all my weight allowance in my suitcase! This is a really gorgeous, luxurious book telling local legends from around Britain, and I can’t wait to get stuck into it and show you in more detail.

I also loved Sarra Manning as a teen, especially Guitar Girl, and I’m intrigued to try her adult fiction – even if it’s trashy, I like to read that sort of thing by the pool. I also picked up Peony in Love by Lisa See, a tragic romance novel set in 17th century China, and Nocturnes, a collection of short stories/novellas by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Think this little lot will last me a week?

Asha x