Birthday Wishlist!

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Well, the 1st of April means it’s my birthday month! Here are some bits and bobs I’d love to find all wrapped up for me (if I were a very lucky girl!)… Clockwise from left:

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Tally Ho! New Shoes from Office

I go through ballet pumps like nobody’s business. After a couple of months, every pair I buy ends up loose at the back, scuffed at the front, and basically hardly even shoe-shaped. So I always buy very cheap pairs – less than £10, if I can get away with it – then I wear them into the ground, and chuck them, rinse and repeat. BUT. The Office sale has given me the opportunity to try to break the cycle.


These beautiful shoes – the Tally Ho, in burgundy suede – are all real leather and suede, and were originally £55. For that price, I’m expecting quality! In the sale, they were only £25, so I couldn’t resist getting them. They feel really sturdy and comfortable, much better than paper-thin Primark or Tesco shoes, so I’m hoping that they’re going to last a long time. They’re also so beautiful I won’t be able to help taking better care of them!


I’m a bit of a sucker for burgundy and black together, especially when they’re combined with leather (hmm, Asha, is that anything to do with your love of Farscape?), so this autumn/winter’s trends have suited me very much – ooh, and hold onto your hats for another clothing item along these lines, hopefully up on the blog soon!

Anyway, focusing on these shows for now; I love the patent toe caps, which make them look extra smart, and I’m pleased that they aren’t too low cut at the front. I can’t bear shoes with too much of my toes showing, but these ones are at an acceptable height. Of course suede’s not the most practical material, especially in the torrential rain we’re having in England at the moment, but when the weather dries up a bit, I can see these being my favourite flats. 


If you like the look of these, there are a few pairs left online – and grr, they’ve gone even cheaper in the sale! You’ll have to be quick, though, the Office sale is a very fast-moving beast…

Asha x

RIP My Favourite Everyday Heels

I love these shoes.


They were all of £9 in Primark, but have served me lovingly for 6 years. They are a beautiful muted turquoise leather and the perfect height – so comfortable, I could wear them all day.


But sadly, they have broken my heart with a broken strap.


It seems silly to spend more than a pair of shoes cost on getting them fixed, but I really hope that the cobbler can work his magic!

Asha x

Outfit of the Day: 30th March

Happy Easter everyone!

Boyfriend is visiting this weekend, so I took advantage of his superior camera skills to get some shots of what I’m wearing today. I’ve decided it’s spring, never mind the chill in the air, and so I can finally put all those little cream tops I’ve been buying into use!


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