April/May Empties!

So I didn’t do an empties post last month, but I’ve collected plenty of stuff to show you since my last post! I’ve been collecting it all in my cute Oxmeet tote bag from The Blogger Programme – much more stylish to have on the bathroom door handle than a plastic bag! Shall we get going? Continue reading

Review: The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel

One of the things I love about The Body Shop is their loyalty card, Love Your Body, which among other benefits, means you get a present worth up to £5 in your birthday month! I popped in for a browse and fell in love with the scent of the new Early Harvest Raspberry range, so there was no competition for what I wanted for my gift… The Early Harvest Raspberry shower gel! Continue reading

Birthday Lush Haul!

So, I was a very lucky girl on my birthday, and was given lots of awesome Lush bits to keep me pampered through the exam period… I thought I’d show you what I got! (Quick disclaimer – I definitely don’t mean to brag, I’m just excited to have new Lush stuff!) Continue reading

Review: Treacle Moon Warm Cinnamon Nights Bath and Shower Gel

So, I recently finished my big bottle of Lush Rose Jam shower gel (sniff) and I was on the look out for something equally sumptuous to replace it. I’ve often seen Treacle Moon products, but never this Warm Cinnamon Nights shower gel, which I just couldn’t resist. You’ve heard about my love of rose scents, but there’s just something about cinnamon and other spicy Christmassy scents that I adore even more! (Yes, I know it’s spring, but I don’t care!) Continue reading

Review: Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie


A quick review of yet another Lush product from my huge Christmas box! I’ve been using Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie for a little while now, and really like it, so I thought I’d show you this unusual shower product and tell you why I like it so much.


Turkish Delight is a shower gel and not a shower gel at the same time – it’s not a liquid, for a start! You know when you’re baking a cake and you cream the butter and sugar together? That’s the texture of Turkish Delight. For all that it’s a solid cream, though, this is still a product for washing with, not a shower moisturiser like Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. You just grab a little bit, and lather it up, and from then on out, it just works like a regular body wash.

Unlike normal shower gel, however, Turkish Delight was created to be incredibly soft and good for your skin. It’s moisturising without being heavy, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling squeaky or stripped, just softly clean. It’s almost like a creamy face cleanser for your body! Sensitive skin should be fine with this, too.


As with many Lush things, one of the most amazing things about this product is the smell. Turkish Delight has a super-soft, super-sweet rose scent, but it’s not quite as jammy as Rose Jam/Ro’s Argan. Instead, this is more of a powdery, old-fashioned Hollywood rose. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s a very grown-up, sophisticated rose scent. The perfume lingers on your skin after you’re out of the shower, but it’s subtle enough that I don’t find it clashes with my perfume.

There’s one big downside to Turkish Delight: at £16.25 for 200g, it’s exorbitantly expensive! It’s a really lovely treat, but there’s no way I could recommend it for an everyday shower cream, except to lottery winners… Have you tried this? What do you think?

Asha x


January Empties!

Wow, January’s gone by so fast! The end of the month has really snuck up on me, and it’s already time for empties. Want to see what I’ve been using and finishing in the last few weeks?

The first couple of photos are things I finished at home, the rest I have finished in Oxford. Rather than store everything until the end of the month, I decided to photograph things in twos and threes, as they were finished, and then ditch the packaging so it wasn’t hanging around for ages! That’s why things aren’t in neat categories, but just in random groups…

P1040913 Continue reading

Lush Lust List!

In the spirit of Christmas, I think it might be time for another lust list! And of course, what better theme for someone like me than the Lush products I’m currently dying to own..? Not all of these are new, and not all of them are from the Christmas range – several of them I’ve tried before and are definite favourites. My one stipulation for this list was that they were all currently in shops (i.e. not discontinued, or Retro), otherwise it might go on forever! Here’s my current list, in reverse order…

5. Santa’s lip scrub.

I’ll be totally honest with you, I feel like the Lush lip scrubs are a bit of a waste of money. They are literally just sugar, colour and flavouring, and I’ve so far refused to get on board with them. But then, I tried this out in the shop, and oh, my… It tastes like cola bottles, and leaves a teeny tiny bit of colour on your lips, and is basically really lovely. Overpriced? At £5.50 for a tiny pot of sugar, definitely yes. But that doesn’t seem to stop me lusting after it…

Read on for the rest of the countdown! Continue reading

One or Two more Empties!

Term is over, hurrah!

Unfortunately, it finished a week after I’d done my empties post, and as I’ve said before (in my extra September empties), I think it’s really silly to move house with rubbish. Empties, however, don’t fall into neat monthly time-zones, and I had several things on their last legs while I was doing my post – so here are a couple more things I’ve used up since the end of November!

P1040250 Continue reading