Lush Valentine’s Day Haul Part One <3


So, since it’s stopped being Christmas at Lush, it must be time for Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure about their calendar-keeping, but I am pleased to see another new collection from Lush already. Continue reading

Review: Bomb Cosmetics Soaps

Well aren’t these the prettiest little soaps you’ve ever seen? I think they might even top Lush in terms of each slice being gorgeous in its own right – Lush wheels are beautiful, but I always seem to come away with really boring looking chunks from the spaces between the details. What Bomb Cosmetics has got going on is that each slice looks almost identical, all the way down the bar – still handmade, but with a bit more attention to detail.

Boyfriend and I recently discovered a hidden-away stand of Bomb Cosmetics soaps and bath bombs in a local shop. I wasn’t too fussed by the bath bombs, but was amazed by the colourful display of soaps, and fell completely in love when I started to smell them. There is such a wide array of amazing sweet and fruity scents – none of them are particularly complex, and I’m not sure that there were any warmer or spicier scents, but for something lighter and summery, I’d definitely recommend the brand. So I was thrilled to find a few soap slices in my stocking this Christmas… Want to see?

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My Final Lush Christmas Haul…

Yes, kids, Christmas at Lush is finally over… With their traditional half-price sale on at Boxing Day, the last few Christmas products have been swept from the shelves, and we’re all left either revelling in our Christmas arrivals or lamenting products never to be seen again.


My stash of Lush products has been seriously augmented in the last week or so, both by Christmas present from lovely people, and by a bit of sneaky ordering of my own…

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My Winter Skincare Routine


Wow, it’s cold at the moment! Definitely a multiple-pairs-of-socks time of year… And since there’s no way to wear multiple pairs of socks on your face (well, not while maintaining a normal social life), it’s also the time of year that I beef up my skincare routine a little bit to make sure my skin is protected from the cold. Continue reading

Review: Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash


I’ve recently been making the effort to use all the freebies I picked up with magazines over the summer, and in doing so I’ve discovered some new wonder products. I’m particularly impressed with the offerings from Balance Me – after crushing on their packaging for ages, I’ve realised that they actually have very impressive products inside!

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