February Empties!

I can’t believe how quickly the end of February has snuck up on me! I know it’s the shortest month, but still… Even so, I still managed to get through quite a few products this month, so read on to see what I’ve been using!


I got this sample of Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer when I had my mini-facial at Origins, and I managed to make this tiny sachet last for three weeks. This is an amazing eye cream that really had a lightening effect on my perpetual dark circles, and made me feel confident to wear less concealer! I wholeheartedly recommend it, but since it’s £32 for 15ml, it’s a tad expensive for my budget.  Continue reading

One or Two more Empties!

Term is over, hurrah!

Unfortunately, it finished a week after I’d done my empties post, and as I’ve said before (in my extra September empties), I think it’s really silly to move house with rubbish. Empties, however, don’t fall into neat monthly time-zones, and I had several things on their last legs while I was doing my post – so here are a couple more things I’ve used up since the end of November!

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November Empties!

It’s that time of the month again. The end of the month. As November trails off and away (where did it go?), I’m rounding up all the empty bottles and tubes from the huge Lush bag in the corner of my room… Yes, it’s empties time again!


This Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash came free with a magazine a few months ago, and I’ve really enjoyed using it (check out my review here). It’s quite a dark citrus, and is actually quite similar, to my nose, to Lush Happy Hippy, which I also used up this month. Both of these have really awesome scents, although they are quite expensive, as shower gel goes (the Balance Me one is £10.25 for 260ml, the Lush one is £6.95 for 250ml). I was less pleased with the This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub, as it smelled awesome, but failed at scrubbing (I reviewed that too!). Continue reading

Project 10 Pan Take Two!

I’ve been making a real effort to use up my stash of beauty products recently – I’d love to be a bit more minimalist, and certainly not to have a great big storage box of toiletries taking up space! I’ve gotten on really well (you can see my ridiculous number of empties from last month!), but there’s been a few products that just seem to be endless! I’m not entirely sure there’s not a pixie refilling some of these in the night… Anyway, I thought I’d do another Project 10 Pan to make sure I’m using these as much as I can, and show you which products I’m currently trying out!

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October Empties!

You’ve been a little spoiled with empties recently, what with my double whammy of September products, but luckily for you I’ve still been finishing products left, right and centre. Want to take a look?


All these photos were taken in slightly weird light, so sorry about that! A sneak peek inside my empties bag to start you off… Continue reading

The Battle Of: The Body Butters!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all you’ll know I’m a massive fan of body butter. I like a thicker moisturiser, especially during the colder months, and I find that there’s something a whole lot more pampering about using a thick butter rather than quickly slapping on a thin, cold, lotion. Now, the Body Shop is the undoubted Queen of Body Butters, but I’ve got a more obscure contender coming up for the title, NSpa  – let’s get them in the ring and fighting!

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Surprise Lush Haul!

I still haven’t broken my spending ban, don’t worry!

On Saturday, my local Lush shop was taking part in the attempt to break the World Record for the number of kiss-prints collected in a day, to celebrate International Kissing Day and Lush’s cruelty free make up. They asked me to help out recording people’s names, but I ended up standing in the middle of the busiest street in Oxford with a cardboard sign, cajoling passers-by to come and ‘give us a kiss’!

I had a lot of fun, and went to head off after a couple of hours, when the very lovely manager handed me one of the enormous gift sets as a thank you! I was so surprised, and so grateful – here are my lovely goodies from the the You’re a Star gift set.

DSCF1662 DSCF1664

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My Nail Polish Collection

While I was packing up my room at the end of term, I took the opportunity to go through a lot of my stuff and get rid of a lot of things. One of the areas I tackled was my rather large nail polish collection!

P1000829I forced myself to be quite realistic and get rid of anything that I never wore or always took off straight after applying (does anyone else do this?). I admitted to myself that I don’t like bright pink nail polish, or glitter in a clear top coat, and despite the prettiness of the bottles, cleared those out too. Now all my polish fits in one box (with the exception of A England, which I will never cull, and which I’ll show my collection of another day).  Continue reading

My Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

If you’ve been reading my blog for even a little while, you might have noticed that I favour Urban Decay eyeshadows over all other eyeshadows. I really feel like they are superior quality to almost any other brand, and their palettes, while expensive, are actually really good value for money when you consider how many colours you get, and the quality of them (and if they’re a little smaller than a single-pan eyeshadow, well, who’s ever used one up?!). I love the range of colours, the quality of the pigment, and the quirky, gorgeous packaging.

P1000860I currently own four palettes from Urban Decay, three of which were gifts from my mum, and one of which was a gift from a friend for my 16th birthday, which kickstarted my love affair with the brand. I have the NYC Book of Shadows, the Smoked Palette, the Naked Palette, and a little 9-shadow palette that I can’t find a name for!

P1000863Apologies for the messiness of a couple of these, they’re very well-loved! I won’t be swatching them all, as that would just take too long, I just thought it might be interesting to see which colours I have, and which I use the most… Colour names bolded, with doubles in italics.

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Project 10 Pan

Is there anyone left in the beauty blogging world who hasn’t done one of these? Basically, Project 10 Pan is a challenge where you choose 10 items from your beauty stash that are nearly used up, or that you want gone, and you can’t buy any more of that item until you finish it (“hit pan”).

I’m trying my hardest to streamline my stuff at the moment, and so this seems like a really good thing for me to try to do!

Here are my ten items:


So first up, moisturisers:

P1000457Firstly, The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter. I love these body butters, but this one is nearly done, and I have a couple more at home.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret “Silk Body Veil” Lotion – This is a lotion scented with my favourite perfume, but it’s not the best at moisturising, so I’ve been saving it for important days when I want to layer it with the perfume. Which is a bit silly, because it doesn’t smell very strongly, and I have a large bottle of the perfume.

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