Review: Superdrug Coconut and Almond Conditioner

I go through conditioner like there’s no tomorrow, so I’m always up for seeking out cheap but effective brands. I usually stick with Alberto Balsam, which you can usually find for £1 a bottle, but my tiny local Superdrug was completely out – so I decided to try this, since it was only 99p. Well played, Superdrug.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of coconut scents, but this is actually quite a sweet, almondy scent, not too overpoweringly coconutty. The scent actually doesn’t linger too long, and has vanished once my hair is totally dry, which suits me perfectly.

I had actually tried this before, in a mini bottle from the gym, and was impressed by the softness it gave to my hair. This is a really gorgeous thick formula, thicker than some deep conditioners I’ve tried, and it smooths through your hair very easily, making it super quick to comb through (even with the tangle-nest that is my hair). I’d say this tames my hair to an average degree, maybe a little bit more than Alberto Balsam  – no miracles, but good enough for frequent use.


The pump looked like it would be handy in limiting how quickly I went through it, but in reality I just pumped it about twenty times to get the amount I wanted – not so useful then. I expect I’ll get about 8 washes out of this bottle, which is about fair, and for 99p you really can’t go wrong! I’d definitely buy this again, perhaps when I want something a little thicker than my usual conditioner…

Do you have any recommendations for cheap, effective conditioner? I’m glad I’ve added this to my haircare arsenal, but I’m always on the lookout for more options!

Asha x


Review: B. Pure Micellar Water

I’ve been wanting to try a micellar water cleanser since hearing several bloggers rave about how they just melt your make up away, no rubbing. I love my Lush 9 to 5 cleanser for  my face, but worry that it’s a bit heavy on my eyes, so this seemed like the perfect match. I wear black eyeliner most days, and it does take quite a lot of effort to get it off, so I was so ready for this wonder product to rock my… er… cleansing routine.

DSCF0274I had been planning on getting the Bioderma Sensibio that everyone seems to have, but the lovely Gillian over at alwaysunpresentable recommended this B. Pure Micellar Water as a cheaper alternative. I believe B. Pure is a Superdrug own brand? This normally retails for £4.99, but there’s a £1 off B. Pure offer on at the moment, so I got this for £3.99. Continue reading

Superdrug Bargains

I was just browsing Superdrug on my way back from college. I couldn’t find any of the nail polishes I’d been coveting, but I did pick up some really fab bargains I’ll let you in on!

Pretty much all hairdye is on offer, so I got two boxes for £5.99. Pretty boring! My night cream (Nivea Pure and Natural) is also just on offer, at £2.99 (usually £5.10, although I bought my last pot on offer too!).

The really awesome bargain is that all Johnson’s Face Care is on offer: 2 for £3.99. My day cream costs £4.05 normally! So that’s two pots for less than the price of one. I really had to stop myself stocking up on more than two (sadly I’d never get through them…). They had quite a few things that would have worked out equally bargainous, so it’s worth a look.

Just thought I’d let you all know, in case you use any of these!