Six Tea Shades of Grey


It’s been a while since I’ve shown you a tea stash post! My collection is a little less adventurous than previously, as I’ve become a very loyal devotee of grey teas – Earl Grey, Lady Grey, you name it, I’ll drink it. I’ve almost entirely stopped drinking ‘normal’ English Breakfast tea, mostly for practical reasons: I don’t drink enough milk to warrant buying milk all the time, and I don’t like English Breakfast without milk. Grey teas are much nicer to drink black, especially the more exotic variations I’ve been trying recently! Continue reading

A Well-Deserved Bath!

So, Oxford has this horrible tradition of setting you exams four days after the start of term, to check you’ve been working over the holidays. So that’s why I’ve been a tiny bit quiet!

I finished my last exam on Saturday at lunchtime, and after grabbing a bite to eat, I leapt into the bath to unwind from all those hours at my desk…


I resorted to my old favourite, Rose Jam bubble bar from Lush, for a really comforting scent, and whacked on some Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask in case my skin felt a bit stressed. Teamed with a cup of Twinings Rose Garden tea and the second book in the Temeraire series, Throne of Jade, I had a wonderfully relaxing hour completely free of all exam stress!

Just a short post today, but I have plenty coming up in the next few days, so don’t worry, I am back!

Asha x



So, I’ve come to the slightly crushing conclusion that week on week, month on month, my most popular post so far was about my tea stash. More than half of all the search terms that lead to my blog are variations on ‘lord nelson tea’ or even ‘oxford owl nelson tea’, so it’s obviously what I’ve become known for… Well, here’s an update!

Over the summer and last term, I actually managed to whittle the stash down to just a couple of boxes – Twinings Camomile, Apple and Cinnamon, and their assorted mint box. Then came the bug disaster. I don’t know what happened. Maybe something got wet. Maybe it was a bad lot of tea. But suddenly, all my tea was infested with tiny, horrible bugs.

That was a bad day. I was in the middle of writing an essay, and found myself tea-less – I panicked, but a friend from college saved the day by popping round with a dozen or so teabags from his excessive stash, which was incredibly kind!

Anyway, for one reason or another, there’s nothing left of my original stash! In fact, I once again ran out of tea entirely, depending only on a few single packets of Twinings Earl Grey taken from a hotel room… But luckily, Boyfriend came to my rescue, and started me back on the stashing path…


Quite a bit more brand loyalty, this time!

He brought me some staple English Breakfast tea, and a little selection pack with five of each kind of Twinings’ bestsellers, for a little variety: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Assam, and Ceylon. I really like teas that can be drunk black, because I’m not very good at remembering to buy milk…


I promptly drank all the Lady Grey (a favourite, and the Twinings blend is perfect) and

was tempted to venture out for some more. While in Tesco, perusing, I spotted this interesting pink box…

Very cute, I thought, especially since I have a bit of an obsession with all things rose-flavoured. So I bought that too, and bam! An instant new favourite.


This is a very fragrant tea: you can smell the rose as you drink, which is lovely. I find it quite calming, and I seem to have gone through about half the box in the last week. It’s definitely become my go-to favourite for a long day at my desk. This was £2.30 for 20 teabags in Tesco, it might be cheaper elsewhere, but I think it’s certainly worth it. And of course, let me know what you think!


And in the meantime, can anyone recommend any other good rose-flavoured things, food or beauty? I can’t get enough!

Asha x



Now, I am an English girl. It might not be much of a surprise to discover that I really like tea.

The size of my tea collection, however, might be a bit of a shock.

Yeah, I *really* like tea.

Starting at the back, there’s Lord Nelson tea granules in Lemon, Peach (and the large Union flag tin is also peach) and Mixed Berry, and in front are some Lord Nelson peppermint teabags. Lord Nelson is Lidl’s tea brand, and I stocked up before I started university two years ago. The granules are pretty good, although by now I’m very fed up of the flavour, the peppermint teabags are okay, but their normal teabags are absolutely terrible!

In the middle flag tin, there’s assorted teabags that I’ve entirely forgotten the flavours of, so that’s a lucky dip. The small tin has sugar cubes and a few little packets. I don’t often take sugar in my tea anymore, so I’ll probably use these for cooking.

Then there’s Twiningsland in the middle: Twinings Pure Peppermint (better than Lord Nelson), Orange and Lotus Flower green tea (a birthday present), Camomile and Spiced Apple, Raspberry Strawberry and Loganberry, and Lemon and Lime (think this is a limited edition).

Bordering Twiningsland is a box of Clipper Assam with Vanilla that I found on a clearance stand once – no wonder, since I’m the only person I know that actually likes it. There’s two individual bags of Yorkshire Gold at the front, which I got for free by joining the Yorkshire Gold club, and they send me a card on my birthday and at Christmas with a teabag in, which is lovely.

Then inside the Moomin tea tin:

Look, little compartments so your tea doesn’t get contaminated!

Well, I made an attempt at some point to label the tea – top left claims to be green tea with apple and pear (again, Twinings), top right is Twinings Peppermint and Eucalyptus and Nettle and Peppermint, and the bottom two are a mystery. I had been using this to store only green and mint teas, but just made a cup using the bottom right teabags and it came out red and strawberry-ish, so that’s obviously no longer true!

I love tea, but I have to say I’ll be glad to finish up some of the things I’ve overstocked and buy some nice new flavours (perhaps ones that I know what flavour they are!). I have to say, I’d rather have Boyfriend’s awesome collection of Whittards teas than these endless tubs of Lidl tea!