100 Days of Summer

Does anyone remember my 100-day resolutions? Well, it’s a little after June 23rd, so I thought I’d update you on my progress, and make some new resolutions for the summer!

The resolutions I made in April were:

 Keep blogging throughout term, doing at least 3 posts a week. I am fairly pleased with my progress on this. I let a few days slip past a couple of times, but also managed to post every day for a lot of the term.

– Make the effort to go out with friends, rather than mope about not going out. I pushed myself not to cancel plans because I didn’t feel like it, and because of that, I’ve spent some really lovely quality time with friends old and new.

-Earn some money. I did several experiments at the beginning of term, worked a crazily-well-paid lecture day and signed up to work at Open Day in September. I’ll be heading back to waitressing soon, to make even more money!

– Make some travel plans for the summer. I’ve started to think about this, and have plans to go to Bath, Hay on Wye, and very possibly to Green Man festival in Wales. I’m also off on holiday to Malta with my family and Boyfriend, and I’m going to keep planning day trips!

So, time for some new resolutions! The next 100 days will end on October 3rd, which is just a few days before the start of next term – a perfect amount of time for some summer plans.

– Get back on track losing weight. I plan to do the Couch to 5k (and now I’ve said that, I’m accountable for it!), and keep up my visits to the gym to make the most of my membership.

– Cut down on my crazy TBR list. I always get more reading done in the summer, but there’s an element of not buying books here too. I’d like to be under 150 unread books at the end of the summer.

– Be well prepared for my collections (mini-exams) at the beginning of next term. I have a translation paper and an essay paper, and I’d like to do well in them (not least because there’s a monetary prize for getting a first!).

– Enjoy the summer. This is possibly my last summer as a student, with a looooong holiday stretching out before me. I don’t want to waste it!


So, you might see some more lifestyle posts popping up while I make the most of my summer. I hope they’ll still be interesting to you!

What do you hope to achieve this summer?

Asha x

Only two weeks left!

It hit me at the weekend that there’s only two weeks left til I’m back in Oxford, which caused a small amount of panic. Despite moving into a far smaller room this year, I seem to be short an awful lot of stuff – cue a quick trip to the shops this morning. I am now the proud owner of:

– One alarm clock which has never jumped from the top of a three foot stack of books and dashed its brains out on the floor;

– A few saucepans and frying pans and knives such, which should hopefully allow me to eat in my new (tiny, shared) kitchen. You only get a kitchen at my college if you move out of the main site into the annexe accommodation, which is why I’m only just getting this stuff as a third year!

– Lots of new pens, dividers, paper to add to my teeming boxes of stationery (I own more post-it notes than one girl could ever use, but can never find a pen that works);

– Sundry other bits and bobs like a new black cardigan, black tights, bathroom scales and a towel to leave at Boyfriend’s house.

But my most exciting find was discovered in Morrisons – apparently it’s nearly Christmas, and the Christmas gift sets are out!

What’s in this pretty tin?

Lip balms!

Essential Care, Milk and Honey, Pearly Shine, and Soothe and Protect, to be exact.

£4 is a crazily good price for these little lovelies – the Pearly Shine I picked up the other day was £2.15 on its own. 4 lip balms might seem to be far too many for any one girl (especially since I just bought a new new one), but I always try to have one on me, so they’ll definitely get used. And the pretty little tin will find some sort of use, either for make-up or little desk bits, I think.

There was also a duo of Dove Go Fresh Shower Gels, in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena, and Plum and Sakura Blossom which I’d love to try, but I’m trying not to buy any more shower gel til I finish the huge bottle of N-Spa gel I have on the go at the moment… I’ll keep an eye out for that.

Now, tell me, internet, what have I forgotten to buy for my return to uni? There’s always something