Zoya Summer Collection: Bar, Ling and Harper*

(Photo from zoya.com)

Have you seen Zoya’s new summer ranges? They’re ever so pretty, and there’s a lot of variety! The Tickled range is highly pigmented cremes, while Bubbly is a set of sheer glittery jelly polishes. Plus there’s three new additions to Zoya’s Pixie Dust range, which is a very glittery textured polish.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to try one of each range, and plumped for Bar, a champagne chunky glitter, Linga creamy mid-blue, and Harper, a jelly pink. Read on for swatches of each! Continue reading

My Nail Polish Collection

While I was packing up my room at the end of term, I took the opportunity to go through a lot of my stuff and get rid of a lot of things. One of the areas I tackled was my rather large nail polish collection!

P1000829I forced myself to be quite realistic and get rid of anything that I never wore or always took off straight after applying (does anyone else do this?). I admitted to myself that I don’t like bright pink nail polish, or glitter in a clear top coat, and despite the prettiness of the bottles, cleared those out too. Now all my polish fits in one box (with the exception of A England, which I will never cull, and which I’ll show my collection of another day).  Continue reading

Zoya Kelly

I was given Zoya Kelly for Christmas by my grandmother, and look how cute it is! It’s the perfect subtle, sophisticated substitute for black, and it works gorgeously with a dark winter wardrobe.

IMG_1599 - Version 2

Excuse my red cuticles, my hands are very dry from the cold weather at the moment!

I’ve heard that it’s similar to Nars Galion, but I think it’s a little lighter and a little blue-r, although by no means actually blue. I love wearing this as a neutral, wear-with-anything colour – it’s so versatile, because it’s not showy in the slightest, although look at that shine! It’s not even topcoated in the above photo. Dry time is a little longer than I’d like (although really, I’d like instantaneous), but the formula is good. The colour is weak and patchy on the first coat, but fills out to an even, deep coverage on the second coat.

This is a definite addition to my favourites.

Asha x