Lush Lust List!

In the spirit of Christmas, I think it might be time for another lust list! And of course, what better theme for someone like me than the Lush products I’m currently dying to own..? Not all of these are new, and not all of them are from the Christmas range – several of them I’ve tried before and are definite favourites. My one stipulation for this list was that they were all currently in shops (i.e. not discontinued, or Retro), otherwise it might go on forever! Here’s my current list, in reverse order…

5. Santa’s lip scrub.

I’ll be totally honest with you, I feel like the Lush lip scrubs are a bit of a waste of money. They are literally just sugar, colour and flavouring, and I’ve so far refused to get on board with them. But then, I tried this out in the shop, and oh, my… It tastes like cola bottles, and leaves a teeny tiny bit of colour on your lips, and is basically really lovely. Overpriced? At £5.50 for a tiny pot of sugar, definitely yes. But that doesn’t seem to stop me lusting after it…

Read on for the rest of the countdown!

4. Whoosh shower jelly.

I’ll admit it, I’m mostly intrigued by how a shower gelly works, exactly. Whenever I go into Lush I always end up wobbling the little plates of gelly and grinning like a little kid! Plus, I love the rich turquoise colour and fresh scent of Whoosh – it says lemon, lime and rosemary, but what I get is simply ‘Wake up! This is £3.50 for 100ml, or £6.95 for 250ml, so would make an amusing Secret Santa present!

3. So White bath ballistic.

This bath bomb looks like it’s going to be oh-so-boring, but inside that plain exterior is a hot pink centre and the most amazing apple scent you’ve ever smelled. So White somehow manages to be sweet and fresh and crisp and soft all at the same time. It’s one of the bigger bath bombs, so £3.25 is fairly reasonable, although this is definitely a treat rather than a staple – I love it so much, I can’t help but stock up!

2. Celebrate body lotion.

I had a small pot of this (from a gift box), and thought that I was bound not to love it, as I don’t really like body lotion (too thin, normally). But although Celebrate has the texture of a lotion, it feels so rich when you apply it, and moisturises so well, that I’d rank it up there with body butter! At £12.95 for 225g, it’s a little pricey, but a little goes an exceedingly long way!

1. Cinders bath ballistic.

Hands down my favourite bath bomb from Lush, this is a spicy cinnamon ball of goodness that just makes you feel so warm and comforted. Slightly smaller than most other bath bombs, this also comes with a sweet little price tag of just £2.45, which means that you can stock up pretty much guilt-free!

What are you wishing for from Father Lush-mas this year?

Asha x





All photos taken from, because obviously, in a lust list, these aren’t products I own!

14 thoughts on “Lush Lust List!

    • Haha, I wish there were girls in my family I could do this for! I do love the designs of the boxes this year (even if, as always, there seems to be at least one thing I don’t like in each box!) 🙂

  1. I have the lip scrub, I agree overpriced, but SO tasty…probably not supposed to eat it but what ya gonna do. I have made my own before with honey, Vaseline and sugar it had the same effect cheap as chips but no where near as tasty!

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