I’ve had a few occasions this week to pop into the shops with some of my birthday money, and I’ve found some gorgeous little bargains in Primark. I also treated myself to something from my wishlist as a bit of a present for getting through a horrible week at uni last week.

Firstly, I found these two little dresses, for £13 each… A white lace pinafore dress (size 12), and a watercolour floral dress with an entirely cut-out back (size 10).

P1000807 P1000808

I actually bought the size 12 of the watercolour dress first of all, but when I got it home it looked terrible! Because it was a bit too big, the edges of the cut-out back gapped away from my skin, and there was too much room in the bust (yes, too much!), so it wasn’t very flattering. I swapped it the next day for the size 10, which fit much better, and it looks really cute!


You know how sometimes in Primark you just find one mysterious item of clothing on its own, on a different rack, and you can never find any others? This skirt caught my eye for exactly that reason, and luckily the billy-no-mates was a size 10! For £8, I think this was a good find – it’s high-waisted, and comes to about mid-thigh on me. It was really hard to get a nice photo of, but it’s very pretty, and will hopefully feature in an outfit post soon.

P1000778Last but not least, I finally got my hands on this lovely bee necklace from my spending ban wishlist! For £6, this would make a really sweet gift. It’s a short necklace – the bee sits in the hollow of my neck, if I do it up on the shortest link – but that’s my favourite length for necklaces, so I adore it!

Have you found any gems in Primark lately? There’s so much of their spring fashion I really like – what do you think of my finds?

Asha x



Review: Lush Rub Rub Rub Salt Scrub

I’ve long been a fan of body scrubs to keep my skin soft, especially on my legs, and I tend to favour really scrubby scrubs that you can feel working, rather than the bobbly soft kind.  I picked up Lush’s Rub Rub Rub scrub about a month ago, tempted by its mimosa and orange blossom scent (the same as Sakura bath bomb – oh how I miss you), and have nearly finished it! This review will be an exercise in how quickly the word ‘scrub’ starts to sound weird…

I’ve enjoyed using this, but I’m not sure that it’s going to be a HG of mine. It certainly hasn’t disappointed in terms of fragrance or formulation, but I have had a little trouble with the packaging that’s slightly put me off repurchasing this.

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You Shall Go to the Ball! (An Unusual Outfit Post)

Earlier this month, Boyfriend and I went to my college’s ball, which was very exciting, and we had a little photoshoot beforehand thanks to our wonderful friend Ele, of Curious Magpie Photography. Ele took photos of us last year, too, and she is really an amazing photographer – I thought I’d show you how lovely some of these are!


We were lucky enough to have really nice sunshine on the day of the ball, and Corpus Christi gardens made a wonderful backdrop.

IMG_3733What I like about taking photos with Ele is that she really manages to capture us as a couple – there’s some really gorgeous proper portraits, like above, but plenty where we’re laughing or pulling silly faces, and we just really look in love with each other. Continue reading

May Empties!

I’m a couple of days early, but my empties box is brimming over, so thought it was about time I got around to the post… Here’s what we have!


So… that’s quite a lot of things! Some of this I used up very early in the month, so it feels like ages ago – I was surprised there was this much in the box.

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Outfit of the Day: 27th May

I felt like something simple today, so I threw on one of my favourite summer skirts and took advantage of the bit of sunshine hovering over Oxford… I have this skirt on a white background too, because it’s rather miraculous, fitting my waist perfectly but still being a decent length! I love both sets of colours, too, they have really vibrant neon florals which make them much more exciting than your usual summer skirt!


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Project 10 Pan

Is there anyone left in the beauty blogging world who hasn’t done one of these? Basically, Project 10 Pan is a challenge where you choose 10 items from your beauty stash that are nearly used up, or that you want gone, and you can’t buy any more of that item until you finish it (“hit pan”).

I’m trying my hardest to streamline my stuff at the moment, and so this seems like a really good thing for me to try to do!

Here are my ten items:


So first up, moisturisers:

P1000457Firstly, The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter. I love these body butters, but this one is nearly done, and I have a couple more at home.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret “Silk Body Veil” Lotion – This is a lotion scented with my favourite perfume, but it’s not the best at moisturising, so I’ve been saving it for important days when I want to layer it with the perfume. Which is a bit silly, because it doesn’t smell very strongly, and I have a large bottle of the perfume.

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Sunday Book Nook #2 – Accidental Haul & What I’m Reading

I’m not meant to be buying any books at the moment… but then I found a new excellent second hand bookshop. With a very good fantasy/sf section. I think I was quite restrained, considering!

DSCF1552I picked up Odalisque, by Fiona McIntosh (book one of the Percheron series), The Desert Spear by Peter Brett (the sequel to The Painted Man), and Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder (the third book in the Study series about Yelena). All in really good condition for second hand – I don’t think Odalisque has even been read!

Most of today’s book love, though, has been devoted to reading this wonderful book in the sunshine:

DSCF1555You remember how much I loved Graceling and Fire? This is the sequel to Graceling. And it’s even better. I’m about halfway through, and it’s incredible! I’m torn between racing through it, or savouring every moment…

Have you read any of these? As always, any recommendations are very welcome!

Asha x



Awards and Prizes!

This little box contains all the entries for my 100 followers giveaway! Read on to find out who’s the lucky blogger who’s won a lovely Lush bee and magic lipstick!

P1000225In the meantime, though, I’m going to take the opportunity to show off another blogging milestone – my first awards! I’m only going to nominate five people for each award, just because otherwise that’s 20 nominations in each post!

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Nails of the Day: A England Galahad and St George

There’s something about A England polishes that makes me want to photograph them whenever I wear them! I’ve been wearing Galahad, a beautiful dusty turquoise, on its own for a couple of days, and this morning I felt like jazzing it up a little, so I’ve added a sort of frill of St George, a deep teal holographic.

P1000218 P1000220P1000224Pretty, don’t you think? These two polishes are among my favourite few A Englands (no way could I choose one favourite!), and I think they work really well together.

Asha x