November Empties!

It’s that time of the month again. The end of the month. As November trails off and away (where did it go?), I’m rounding up all the empty bottles and tubes from the huge Lush bag in the corner of my room… Yes, it’s empties time again!


This Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash came free with a magazine a few months ago, and I’ve really enjoyed using it (check out my review here). It’s quite a dark citrus, and is actually quite similar, to my nose, to Lush Happy Hippy, which I also used up this month. Both of these have really awesome scents, although they are quite expensive, as shower gel goes (the Balance Me one is £10.25 for 260ml, the Lush one is £6.95 for 250ml). I was less pleased with the This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub, as it smelled awesome, but failed at scrubbing (I reviewed that too!). Continue reading

Lush Stash Part One


A small showcase of my Lush obsession… Today, soaps!

Clockwise from top left:

Ice Blue x2: This was my total favourite, but it’s discontinued! Boyfriend and I managed to pick up quite a bit of it from eBay, and I have I think three more pieces at home? This is what I have in college, anyway. It’s a light, spearminty refreshing scent, perfect for summer mornings. It’s not very foamy, but it does make you feel very clean. 10/10

Mr Punch: One of 2012’s Christmas soaps, this is a fruity, gin-soaked soap that is really relaxing, but doesn’t do very much for me… Again, being more transparent, it foams up much less than the creamy ones – not a problem, but I find the scent a bit blah, so it’s not very exciting. This has the horrible tendency to drip bright pink everywhere, which means it falls a bit in my estimation. 5/10

Sultana of Soap: I got a free sample of this as part of a recycling scheme, so that was pretty cool. I chose it because it’s one I’ve always ignored in store, before, as a bit boring. This is really creamy, and it disappears really quickly – it’s melting here just from my taking it out of its box! The scent is a lot stronger than some of the other soaps, and it lasts quite a long time. I find it quite floral, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming – I have a piece of it by the sink, and find it very noticeable. Definitely smell it before you buy. 5/10

White North Pole x2: This is the closest to Ice Blue I’ve seen them get since discontinuing it: unfortunately, it’s also limited edition, from Christmas 2012! This is a really comforting mint, less zingy than Blue, but it’s just as nice. Not as creamy as Sultana, but still very moisturising. 9/10

Snow Globe: My final piece of 2012 Christmas soap, I picked this up half-price in the sale online. It’s much more lemon scented than I was expecting, I think I expected more mint, but I like the scent. I haven’t tested this one yet… 7/10

Honey I Washed The Kids x2: Wow, I love this one. It’s the best selling soap from Lush, and it’s easy to see why. It smells absolutely delicious, like toffee and orange and sugar, and it’s soft and creamy. Once, I had a friend over for coffee, and this by the sink, and she came back from washing her hands cradling this bar of soap, whispering ‘I love this, what is it?’ So you can guess what she got for her birthday! This is my favourite of all the current Lush soaps! 10/10

Next time, would you prefer to see my face and body products, or my bath stuff?