Review: This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub


I recently picked up this travel-sized tube of This Works Daily Boost Body Scrub with RED magazine. This Works is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a long time, and I’ll admit, it’s largely due to the lovely minimalist packaging and the descriptions of the scents, which all sound very luxurious. This scrub says it contains grapefruit and rosemary to stimulate, and tourmaline (the precious stone) to improve blood flow. All very fancy. On using this, I found that there’s one big pro and one big con, so:

Major pro: Goodness me, does this smell delicious. I don’t particularly get grapefruit coming through as the main scent; it’s actually very herbal and planty. More comforting than fresh. If you know what I’m talking about, this smells like a lighter version of Lush’s Flowers Barrow/Blousey scent: blackcurrant and leaves and a little bit of musk.

Major con: Brownie points if you guessed it…. It doesn’t work. It’s just not scrubby! The texture is smooth and creamy and really pleasant to apply, but I really struggled to find any scrubbiness in there at all. The tiny grains get lost in the thick creamy product, and it just feels like washing your legs rather than exfoliating them. No ‘did-it-while-you-weren’t-looking’ magical exfoliation, either – I couldn’t tell any difference between using it and not using it. So, sorry, This Works, but it just doesn’t work for me.

(As always, a big old disclaimer that I like to brutalise my skin with very harsh scrubs, so you may approve of this gentle exfoliation business.)

Did you try this freebie from This Works? Can you recommend a good scrubby body scrub? I’m thinking about trying St Ives next, since I love their face scrub…

Asha x


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