The Trouble with Glitter

That title makes this sound like a heartwarming film about a lady of the night’s amusing escapades, I fear. Instead, it is the glitteriest nail polish review you’re likely to see today!

This is Barry M 340, otherwise known as Aqua Glitter.

Say hello, Barry M 340.

This is a beautiful clear polish filled with tons of turquoise glitter. I love Barry M, and I love glitter, and I love turquoise. Should be good, right? And I did love this on my hands. For the first five minutes.

The Trouble with this Glitter.

1. It needs many many layers to reach a bottle-colour saturation. This is one coat Rimmel Azure, then three or four coats of glitter depending on the size of the nail. This isn’t a massive problem, but is a bit too fiddly for me for every day wear, because:

2. It takes FOREVER to dry. Thank goodness for fast-dry topcoat.

3. It is a real nuisance to photograph. This polish is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had on my nails, but I could not get one picture where it looked true to life in colour or shininess.

4. Actually, lets talk about the shininess. The above photo is with a coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar fast dry topcoat, for speed but also because glitters are really rough to the touch (problem 5?). Before that, the glitter was sparkly, yes, but in a kind of matte way. It just felt a bit flat and muted, rather than this in-your-face sparkle.

5. It falls off. Seriously. I had this on my nails for half an hour before it started to peel back at the tips. This might have been my application (maybe I should have fast-dried every layer of the glitter individually, or maybe my basecoat wasn’t totally dry), but, do you remember that peel-off nail polish from when you were little? This was exactly like that. It SLID off my nails. It was so stretchy that where a normal polish would have chipped on the tips, it pushed down into a little hump in the middle of my nail.

BUT (and it’s a big but):

This is just an absolutely beautiful thing to wear. I mean, just look at it.

Look at that colour!

Look how sparkly!

How could that not make you happy?? (apart from when it all falls off)

My conclusion, then, is that I adore this colour and the glitteriness (when topcoated!), but I won’t be attempting it a) on short notice, or b) anytime I want it to last. Perfect for nights out, I think.


And it did make me feel like a mermaid.


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